1. Krist ian says

    you got the same color mask like me

  2. Afri Aztrans Channel says

    A Water Come Inside Mask Or Not..When You Diving in 2 meter?thx

  3. phuong nguyen says

    hello … you recently did not clip anymore ???

  4. Sophie He says

    I will also suggest a fog free one, Seabeast AF90. It's the only one treated its lens with anti fog coating and will not fog up even exhaling on its lens inside directly.

  5. Mike Johnson says

    Nasty water, cute crotch.

  6. syamsa.mikaila.musicaly says


  7. otonakagawa says


  8. Green Farm says

    Sweet Swimming

  9. احمد العراب says

    جمال خارق

  10. walcymar c says


  11. MrGervaiss says


  12. josh786manchester says

    Very dirty water. Not safe. Infested with bacteria and rubbish. Stick to the sea or a swimming pool

  13. Nice underwater footage 🙂

  14. Khmer Videos says

    Very good Videos..i have subScribe your Channel already Please Sub me back Thank you..!

  15. Azmat Ali says


  16. dave draycott says

    you are either brave or insane lol.

  17. Rhoman Phicisan says

    nice video

  18. Nick Majdalani says

    You should have filmed longer underwater footage it was interesting to see what was in the canal!!! It looked cold too what month was it ?

  19. TheMatrixPipe says

    Poor girl… I'll take her to the Caribbean​…!

  20. PalmettoMoon says

    Is this a canal that she is swimming in?

  21. stephen strassen says

    why not wear a wetsuit as you wont be so dam cold then

  22. SteevenDh says

    nice mask…

  23. gaskan666 says

    That water looks cold

  24. John Rich says

    hi dana when you are in the rivers and canals look for old relics its good fun

  25. Lonna Dobre says

    creepy water what if there were snakes in there

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