Sporasub – Quick Release Harness

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New back harness with featuring an innovative quick release system that allows to take it off it with a simple movement, greatly improving its safety.

It features 6 back pockets and 2 front pockets to carry each one the 600 gr (1.3 lb) weight plates for a maximum weight of 4,8 Kg ( 10.6 lb).

Rating: 4.70

  1. whynottalklikeapirat says

    And does it all hit you in the neck when you dive, and does the buckle get in the way of reloading?

  2. 6thsun25 says

    can this be used on plain divers skin?like, without wearing a wetsuit under it.

  3. Random Person says

    I've just bought this product and am a little disappointed. It has absolutely no method for size adjustment. Unlike the one in the video mine came with stitching on the weight pockets so only the expensive small flat Sporasub weights will fit. I removed the stitching to allow for standard pearl lead weights. The weights bump my shoulder blades and are not well placed for comfort. Unfortunately I saw no other commercially available vests that were much better than this one. I'll let you guys know how things go once I've worn it in the water for a couple months.

  4. Sergio Gonzáles says

    Omer and Sporasub are brands of the same owner.

  5. TheNeoShooter says

    This weight vest system is cool. I'm definitely buying it. However size chart is hard to find… BTW, did you realize that diver in the video is using OMER (!) weight belt when shooting fish 🙂 interesting concept of AD did OMER paid for it!?

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