SCUBA Diving A Freshwater River And Petting A Muskie

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Join me on a short freshwater SCUBA diving adventure as I explore the underwater habitat of muskie, bass and catfish. I also see freshwater sponges, freshwater clams and see fishing lures and other fishing gear.
My gear:
Olympus TG 4
Cressi Diving Mask
Zookki GoPro
Magnets CMS

Rating: 4.55

  1. You’re Fav says


  2. wakeuppeople121 says

    You are sooooo lucky that musky didn't rip your hand to shreds. I wouldn't try that again if I were you.

  3. Ewww what's this aaaa i touched it


    That’s actually a rare truck! Harley Davidson edition

  5. Gary Oak says

    Did Billy Bob Thornton win an award for this movie?

  6. J 33 says

    Yup, muskie teeth are super sharp. Lol, did the same thing when I found dead muskie.

  7. Kane From Milton says

    Did you get the license plate of the truck or VIN, that's an expensive truck to be at the bottom of a river. Did you tell the cops what you found?

  8. J B says

    Very strange video. Lots of junk in that river 🙁

  9. Justin Fee says

    It's pretty sad all the garbage that's been dumped in that river and that there's muskies in there where I'm from in Michigan muskies are sought after awesome fish.

  10. QuarterSquats says

    What river was this?

  11. The Yellow says


    That sounded like a reaper leviathan in the distance

  12. Garrett Johnson says

    Why didn't you check the plates? Could have been a truck involved in a murder case or something.

  13. Buck Nasty says

    Thats not the proper way to ascend!

  14. Travis Thacker says

    Good God man, is this like the place everyone goes to dumb junk thay they have no title for

  15. Greg Smith says

    I've never seen a Harley Davidson truck you should get the badges off that wreck!
    I enjoyed your adventure in the deep make more!

  16. scott ostrich says

    Pick up the trash u find

  17. Abitaskew Dataflow says

    I need a tetanus shot just from watching this video.

  18. Dreaded88 says

    How the hell does a Muskie die of Old Age!?!

  19. Cross Garafalo says

    chigg is now a navy seal

  20. Yarvise Outdoors says

    that muskie was dead genuinely unimpressed wasted 10 minutes of my life to see you pet a dead muskie

  21. Eric A says

    I seriously don't have enough words for the ignorance of people for this video

  22. 1love says


  23. Susan Shafer says

    Was there a dead guy in that car?

  24. Daniel young says

    The like was dead you were not petting it

  25. Jessi Lynn says

    Wouldn't it be cool, since you posess the skill to go down there and see all the things on the bottom of these rivers, if you took out EVERYTHING you came across. In an attempt to clean up these rivers? That would be amazing!

  26. wolf spirit says

    Sad to see all the junk and pollution in rivers and lakes we produce

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