How to shoot a 2,000lb lift bag: Raising the anchor crossmember of the Oregon shipwreck

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Capt Pat Rooney (videographer) and Technical Rebreather Diving Instructor Andy Favata shoot a 1,500lb anchor crossmember from the RMS Oregon aboard Tempest Dive Boat.

Skip to 18:00 minutes if you only want to see the bag lifting. If you listen closely you can here the poly line that was anchoring it snapping! Definitely not intended.

Be careful if you ever try something like this and never underestimate the anchoring power of mud! (Warning! This is not an actual How To video!)

-Capt Tom McCarthy

Rating: 4.34

  1. Adam says

    Spoiler alert, 18:09 is when something happens. lol

  2. Dennis The Menance says

    After Scuba Diving to Hunt for Treasures? I returned to Fresh Water Skin Diving in 20-40 Ft of water instead.. It was more Fruitfull and Scuba? Its saturated market for hunting

  3. Miss_ Freaky says


  4. пэдро says

    Рыбу хватай!

  5. Tabucito says

    No bubles! Nice equipment!

  6. deadboy600 says

    So just for reference, how much can one cubic foot of air lift? Also, does air, or any gas I guess, have varying lift capabilities depending on depth and is nitrogen ever used? Thanks! This is cool stuff.

  7. ZS6JMP says

    Does the bags have an auto deflator valve to ease pressure as the bag rises?

  8. DogDamour says

    good footage. What was the depth?

  9. Anthony Pierre says

    Way to go Pat!!! Now, when I come back to the States, I'll never find the Oregon!! Congrats to you and everyone involved!! Miss you guys.
    Anthony, now living land locked in Poland!

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