How To Change A Silicone Seal On Your Drysuit

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How To Change A Silicone Seal On Your Drysuit
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On a drysuit there will be tight seals at the neck and wrists. Some manufacturers tend to use neoprene seals and some use Latex. Latex seals tend to be the most efficient seals, but over time they will perish. Luckily they can be replaced and home kits are available for you to do this yourself, although from experience, once you have tried to do it yourself to save money, the next time you need to get it done you will no doubt pay the extra for someone else to do it for you! We always recommend that a professional technician replaces the seals since a flooded suit due to a failed seal can be a frightening and dangerous experience.

When you receive your suit, the seals will almost certainly be too tight and if you look on the inside of the seals, you will notice thin rubber rings. These show where the seal can be cut back to, to improve the comfort and fit of your seal. A word of caution, no matter how tight the seal feels when worn, only cut off one ring at a time to make sure you don’t cut too much and end up needing a new seal straight away and always use a sharp instrument. The seal should still be tight after trimming as over time the seal will loosen, but it should not be too tight to cause dizziness or tingling.


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  1. Andy Wright says

    Hi Mark – is it possible to fit this quick change seal system to a Scubapro Exodry 4. Thanks.

  2. joshua smith says

    So I should only do dry suit diving with you, Mark.

  3. clarkeysam says

    Timely video, my new made to measure Otter drysuit with Si Tech quick neck system and Kubi dry gloves should be here soon!

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