DSMB / SMB finger spool set up

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Please watch in HD!!

After moving over to a spool from a reel, I was having a real headache getting everything attached underwater and also had a few instances of the spool falling off my rig which was most disconcerting!!

Since using this set up, attaching and using the spool has been much easier even with the thick neo glove we have to use in the UK winter season.

I wish someone had shown me earlier which is why I’ve put the video up, so you don’t have to suffer my pain =D

Happy Safe diving everyone.

Rating: 4.75

  1. Hellrazor says

    Im sry i cannot hear anything you are saying. Volume is too low.

  2. fastzfun says

    Nicely done! This is very similar to how the PADI platinum course director suggested we setup our SMBs

  3. Jonnie Bangkok says

    A bit paranoid mate…over 300 dives and never lost a spool.

  4. Peter Bamber says

    I'm a beginner (14 dives, not counting the pool). It's great to see tips like this. Thank you.

  5. Vit Shaden says

    Такой способ проверен, работает отлично, особенно в перчатках толще 5 мм. Great vid, thumb's up!

  6. Doug Junkins says

    New diver here, just getting my kit set up. This was really helpful.

  7. Nicolas Manson says

    Finally found a video to understand to how to setup my spool ! Thanks sir ! From France ! 🙂

  8. NEIL HAY says

    very good. thanks.

  9. James Blackman says

    Great video, kudos!

  10. KiwiHali says

    Awesome video, very helpful. Thank you!

  11. Dangar Marine says

    Thanks mate, really appreciate you sharing what you have learnt with these reels.

  12. Steve Cain says

    Nice one 🙂

  13. Gary Anderson says

    Great video. Have you got a video of setting up a spool already attached to SMB all ready to go?

  14. Braden says

    Extremely helpful video. Thanks brother! Cheers…

  15. 전성시대영자의 says

    Thank you for great video, it's really helpful!

  16. simon boniface says

    Really helpful thanks

  17. Ivan Solomon says

    Very useful video with clarifications and perfect set up, thanks !

  18. Thomas Pennington says

    Thank you very much for the tips. I found them very helpful

  19. proliteboss says

    Great video Andy well done

  20. FatherD says

    Hey Andy, off in Indonesia diving and saw your video. Great work, very helpful since I've just started to use an SMB. Appreciate your taking the time to share. Used it diving in Sulawesi for the first time. Worked like a champ.

  21. Paulo Martinez says

    Great setup for a finger spool. Simple and reliable. Thanks a lot!!!

  22. NEIL HAY says

    Great idea. That would work well with or without gloves. Thank you.

  23. bombousboy says

    Good video. Thanks.

  24. Robert Osterberger says

    great! thx!

  25. Stuart Law says

    Thanks good advice set up

  26. Geetar2112 says

    Thanks for this video, it's a great help! I shall try it out on Saturday.
    Regards from Madrid.

  27. Jennifer Cheung says

    Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this. This is the best and most secure way I've seen. I'd like to have my SMB permanently attached to the spool so I don't have to fiddle with attaching it under the water. Do you have a suggestion or a method that is also secure while keeping that in mind? Thanks!

  28. pritchettpj says

    Thanks Andrew, me and my missing reel thank you! Should've watched this before!

  29. K. Green says

    Very Interesting video. I may try this with another one of my SMB's that's not my primary, I always leave a spool connected to my SMB that I carry now. Of course I either wear tech shorts or dive one of my suits with Cargo Leg pockets and the SMB attached to the D- Ring in my pocket. Normal stuff in my right pocket and Emergency in my left. I highly recommend suits with pockets or tech shorts, but that is my own preference. Once you have pockets you will never want to go back to a slick suit.

  30. Francois Kerisit says

    Great advice also for divers from across the Channel ! Cheers from Normandy. 😉

  31. David Mathieu says

    Bonjour Andrew !
    Nice video to show us how it's done. I have just bookmarked the link to your video so that my son and I can get our stuff ready for those cold swiss lakes.
    Thank you !

  32. Martine Le Bec says

    Un grand merci !

  33. Ian Wood says

    Really nice and clear instructions, love the tip for the first little loop to help pull the line out.

  34. nickyhify says

    Now I know why I lost my brand new spool on my first dive in the Maldives this year, and no spare, and none on sale on the Island, just their huge free issue spool with 7m of line. Luckily a friendly dive guide lent me his for the duration.
    Very good vid.

  35. Christopher Nubel says

    Excellent set up, thanks so much. Simple, easy, works like a charm.

  36. Taraxzum says

    Thanks, doing this right now!

  37. James Norwood says

    This is great! I've been experimenting for the most secure and snag hazard free way to rig up my spool and this is what I was hoping for. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Bob C says

    Best one I have seen so far. I shared it on Scuba Board. I hope you don't mind.

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