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The Aqua Lung Outlaw is without a doubt a revolutionary BCD with it’s modular system and great diving characteristics. This doesn’t mean it is a great BC for everybody tough. We will tell you the pros and cons of the Aqua Lung Outlaw so you can decide if it’s the right BCD for you!

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Rating: 4.81

  1. ラッキー says


  2. Tholightz Quindara says

    Just got this awesome BC, you can dump air over your shoulder by tugging the inflator, you might have not checked it thoroughly

  3. Mohamed Garrana says

    i like your reviews , i think they are honest and constructive … please review the aqualung rogue , i think some of the cons of the outlaw has been resolved by the rogue

  4. weiniesail says

    There's should never be an issue with being pushed over forward on the surface if properly weighted. Aqualung sells trim weight pockets for this BC to keep you upright. This is no different than any other back inflate BCD and it's unfair to characterize this as a flaw in the Outlaw. I have this BC and am quite happy with it.

  5. Duncan O says

    I have this BCD. Used it this last December on a Red Sea liveaboard with my OThree dry suit. It is awesome in every respect. It’s all you need, simple, robust military thought design. Yes, the plastic caribiner I replaced with quality aluminium instead. This bcd is a beautiful work of art.

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