SCUBA Fins Review. The Military Style Deep Sea Diving Fins.

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IST Deep sea scuba diving military fins – rubber rocket
Proven Fins Design with Vents to Assist Efficiency and Water Flow
Special Blade Curvature and Varying Degrees of Blade Flexibility Produce Positive Thrust
Used by Military with Very Flexible and Power
Durable and Comfortable Rubber Diving fins.
Easy to Maneuver and Made with High Quality Rubber

Rating: 1.62

  1. seaquestbcd says

    These type of fins are called Jet fins and are negative in d water, it causes a diver to have a negative buoyancy attitude in the water, these fins are good if u use a dry suit as opposed to a wet suit. There are the same type of fins that are neutrally buoyant and are great with a wet suit, they don’t sink when they are dropped in the water but have all the characteristics of a traditional “Jet Fin”.

  2. marcus murphy says

    How do you adjust them? I just got mine in and It looks like you move the metal part out the rubber divot but do u need to put the metal part back into the rubber divot when you are finished adjusting or do you leave the metal part out like you have at 4:29?

  3. Josh Roten says

    This is the style associated with the original Scubapro Jet Fins, Aqua Lung/U.S. Divers Rocket Fins, XS Scuba Turtle fins and several other brands. They have all basically copied the originals which were the Scubapro Jet Fins (Rocket Fins may have been first). They are: negatively buoyant, extremely durable, have a stiff blade which does result in fast speed with proper kick and leg muscles. Great fins. New divers may experience cramps in their lower legs until they get used to them. I still have and use my original Jet Fins from 1976.

  4. Berry K. says

    They look like the Apeks RK3 (HD)…

  5. Airplane Doc says

    Thanks for the review. Just got mine in. Would you recommend these for someone getting their open water cert?

  6. frogman aquatics says

    the reason why these fins sink fast is because during military dive training. the candidates retrieve and put on their gear underwater for water confidence training to prepare for foul conditions. they are made for diving like any other fin but with training in mind.

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