Best Scuba Diving Dry Suits – 2016

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TYPHOON Fathom DV Drysuit

MARES Pro Fit LX Drysuit

SANTI EMotion Ladies First Drysuit


WATERPROOF D1 Hybrid Drysuit

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Rating: 4.70

  1. Ben Ten says

    I have the D10 and you can change the silicon wrists on your own to switch from wetgloves/nogloves to dryglove system

  2. Michael Frymus says

    The 'Waterproof Hybrid D1' looks really interesting. Same as the 'D10'. But rather expensive.
    Are these compressed or not? Will it not be an issue if you dive deeper?

    I'm looking for a suit for Marine Biology.

    I need something durable.
    How about a Trilam suit or should I stick with neoprene?
    Hard to choose without knowing how 'flexible' one is from the other, and what restrictions I may/may not have.

  3. Ray Crowe says

    AquaTek – Simply the best value drysuits on the market.

  4. August Sack says

    Rather dry than wet.

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