1. Петър Петров says

    sheff you can swimm underwater with the swiming mask.

  2. Sean Melvin says

    Hey Sheff, im looking into getting a full face and add swimming to my run training. my question is that there so many of them out now but all the reviews go over how they are the same more then anything. is one or two of them better then the rest? Thank you for any experience you might have. Be well.

  3. Nick Glover says

    I have contacts so I can't open my eyes underwater or I might loose them

  4. Alan Aragon says

    I never use goggles, I can open my eyes and see underwater just fine.

  5. Developer Arthur says

    What is the best mask for you (from that what you already have). Which one you would recommend to buy?

  6. Lesser Z says

    I contacted them and got that discount mentioned before in a earlier video. I have to say I really like the full mask over just goggles. I want to tell others about it and let them try it, but then they like it and well…looks like I have to buy another one. So I can keep using mine while others try a spare, and let them fight over it.

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