Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition With A Dive Mask At Navutu Stars Yasawa Islands Resort Fiji

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Ameo sent me a Powerbreather Wave Edition, so while here at Navutu Stars Yasawa Islands Resort in Fiji I tested it with a dive mask. If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy:

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This is vlog 147 since I began this channel in August 2015.

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Rating: 4.72

  1. aboud Ah says

    He goes to in water at 6:55 can I get a like

  2. Matthew Surabian says

    Would this be a good recommendation for a first time snorkeler?

  3. Robbie McGill says

    Second most useless "upgrade" from a single tube snorkel , you can only get the same amount of air from a two tube snorkel as a single tube snorkel, what an utter waste of money !!! first most useless , is a lead parachute, The moron also talks about breathing oxygen… ignorant Aussie git, it's air you cretin, humans like most mammals birds and snakes breath air.

  4. Chris Appel says

    You also did a review of the Wonice snorkel and said it didn't fill with water either and loved it. It was a fraction of the price and was a single tube making it easier to remove. Which is better is this really worth 5x the money

  5. Spooder Man says

    I'm getting this mask for my b day probably because it costs so much money, so I'm might get it. I like how you can swim in deep waters to.

  6. whynottalklikeapirat says

    My thoughts
    1. I don't want a snorkle that can be knocked off my head in open water. This one can.

    2. Two snorkles means two places water can get in instead of one. Means you can't really turn your head to one side without flooding the other. Also means you can't turn your snorkle away from the direction of incoming waves that increase the likelihood of flooding. The splash guards will catch some but not all. The exhaust valve makes it easy to purge, but you still have to purge and a well flooded snorkle requires proper airway control to deal with. Flooding is not a problem in most cases, but it can an annoyance when the waves grow big enough. To the inexperienced it's the kind of thing that can escalate.

    3. You can NOT make a safe freedive wearing this mask. You do not freedive with a snorkle in your mouth – in case of shallow water blackout, the tubes will assist filling your lungs with water, quickly and before the airway has a chance of seizing up in response (which one can hope for).

    4. Same goes for unconsciousness in general. You get knocked out by debris or a boat on the surface – that snorkle is more likely to stay fixed in your mouth.

    5. It's going to be in the way on a useful open water mask as pointed out. Goggles are not useful for recreational activities that involves enjoying the scenery or paying attention to your surroundings. They are also way more prone to flooding or getting knocked or even grimaced off – say because your snorkle flooded on you.

    Clearly this is a pool-situation training implement, for those who have not yet mastered common breathing techniques, or perhaps tri-athletes or other fitness swimmers who need to take a bit more surf into consideration for a steady breathing pattern.

  7. Ran Hernandez says

    Kinda made him look like Antman. Lol.

  8. Lizard Lover says

    I got this, it feels so weird

  9. JRDNGIXX says

    How's he only got 19k subs? Quality videos!

  10. Rory McKinney says

    Lucky man

  11. Mauricio Nuñez says

    Hi thanks for the great quality videos. Im trying to buy one power breather but I'm in Australia and the copon code GIVESAMINUTE doesn't seem to be working? is it because it doesn't apply for australia or is it maybe something else? Thanks in advance. Cheers!!!

  12. Yummy says

    Take me with you next time

  13. mario lee says

    Recently bought this AWESOME new tech, personally I won't ruin it by calling it a snorkel.

    I've been lap swimming with mine(wave edition)every other day and all weekend in the ocean (east coast FL),I gotta say it is by far the best breathing device I've ever used snorkeling.
    1.No blast purging at ANY POINT,any water that gets in drains out.
    2.No gurgling like I said above,any water gets in drains out, accumulated saliva as well.
    3.When you dive deep it WILL FILL UP,but when you surface you just breathe.Took a few times to get used to NOT doing but once I did ohhhhh boy it is great.
    4.No you cannot breathe underwater with this,as ludicrous as it is to have to address the question of CAN YOU BREATHE UNDERWATER WITH IT?NOOOO!!!
    5.The breathing with this is just like breathing on land through your mouth,it actually encourages diaphragm breathing.

    In my swimming with this I've have gone full out on it and I can honestly say I was breathing like I would be if running,once I got used to it.It was sooo much like breathing I actually opened my mouth as I was resting underwater,that's how easy it is to focus on just swimming,of course I have gotten used to it.
    The mouthpiece has a cutout for your teeth(top)to sit in for a better imo mouth fit rather than constantly biting down as you would a snorkel.Flip caps keeps water out in open ocean,I don't do flips lap swimming I'm not a pro I just twist and turn.

    Price is what caused me to reach out to the manufacturer of it and spoke with the rep,Jan and he was more than happy to explain to me why it is different breathing,asked about durability internal parts and such,he more than eased my mind so I took the plunge and bought one.
    Shotgun2:I was retired because of this device….Curses!!!

    Full disclosure when I got mine I got a defective speed vent(short), contacted Jan via email and was informed I'd have replacements sent to me.

    Like I said before it is different breathing,when you get one spend 5 min just floating in shallow water RELAXXXXXX,and do what comes natural experience taking in a DEEP breath underwater(as long as your at snorkel depth idiots)

    Remember to rinse this off in clean water each time to keep saltwater destruction and chlorine destruction to the membranes at a minimum.
    It has different vents as well to help you train your lung capacity.

    WHEW!!! If you read ALL THAT and you got the cash,and understand diaphragm breathing (aka deep breathing) I think I've answered most questions, go on get you one if you swim/snorkel regularly.Youll be glad you did like I am,will get another for Xmas gift to self and keep it as a spare,while I believe in it wholeheartedly most will shy away from this due to price and folks just want to pop a tube in and out their mouths sucking and blowing dirty air,so I fear it may not be available very long,I hope so it is an Awesome device.

  14. Petr Sedlak says

    Do you know why all freedivers are using oldfashioned simple snorkels with no fancy patented valves like this one? First thing that was on my mind when I saw this. How do you remove this snorkel like thing from your mouth when you start drowning? It is fixed pretty tight…

  15. Zayed AL-ALI says

    I purchased two of this double breathing item; but they cheated me and received single breathing one.

  16. RobJetGaming says

    But if you have a power breather why do you use other snorkels?

  17. Borderlands808 says

    as far as bottled water goes, FIJI is the best and the most PH balanced among many others out there.

  18. Al Vostok says

    Too much talk

  19. David Riley says


  20. kyle robinson says

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and thought by putting more straws in my drink I could drink faster. I think you know were I'm going with this.

  21. peet V says

    Nice but a bit too expensive

  22. Robin Hellier says

    … or just use a cheap snorkel, lol

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