1946 15L V12 engine brings back the old times in Automation.

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This is the as requested a similar engine to the WW2 Fight plane engines like the Rolls Royce Merlin.
But sadly this game doesn’t support bigger capacity that 16 L and doesn’t support carburetor per cylinder configuration.
But i tried to do something similar or close to it.
A Single Overhead camshaft V12 with 6 Carburetors and 1123 lb-ft of torque.

MAX RPM: 3700
MAX HP: 791
MAX Torque: 1123 lb-ft

Rating: 4.63

  1. jesse godoi says

    What os your setup (PC)?

  2. Alex Wilkinson says

    I think the rolls Royce merlin was a 4 cam V12?

  3. Zachary Shvarts says

    Couldn't stop laughing: ignition timing, advanced, retarded.

  4. Yes Man! says

    The rolls-royce merlin is supercharged, but because they are not in Automation you actually made a rolls-royce meteor, "a naturaly aspirated merlin" for tanks

  5. ein Kekman says

    "But sadly this game doesn't support carburetor per cylinder configuration." the game actually does, just not at 1946

  6. The.Facts Explorer says

    noice video!

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