Triton artificial gill: BUSTED!

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So over the last couple of weeks I got so many requests to do a video on the Triton ‘artificial gill’ system.

Its bull$hit on sooo many levels. The amazing thing is it seems to have been ‘released’ about 2 years ago and made a big splash, although many were sceptical. Now 2 years on they have an indiegogo campaign and within days pull in almost a million dollars for a project that is bullshit from the start!

Many thanks to all those who supported this video, and this channel through patreon:

Rating: 4.65

  1. peter lewis says

    journalists should have some basic understanding of science before commenting on a subject , they do not send the photocopier boy to interview a top politician so why do they always send ignorant journalists to so called `science` presentations. Actually the political journos are pretty useless too . In fact how come journalism has got so dumbed down in my lifetime ?. when I was a kid you had Times journalists infiltrating Israel to uncover their nuclear enterprises ..these days its who has been slightly anti-Semitic gets the headline !

  2. Phino K.M. says

    Wonder when an electrolysis based version will be "invented". 😀
    So anyway, I would be very interested in hearing your opinion about this…
    Seems rather suspicious to me. If this really were a thing, why would they need Kickstarter to fund it? I would assume more than enough investors being willing to invest in such a game changing technology.

  3. Dan Dddy says

    I was holding up, until the dude straight up hit us with the tarmac at 12:35

  4. Skull Fucker says

    If that idiot could make re-breathers smaller and more compact that could just maybe work , thinking that a human has the same lungs as fish is just plain retarded.

  5. Mike Anderson says

    starts thinking of some random indiegogo scam so I can retire at 29

  6. Brian Fidler says

    As a diver, had to laugh… neat idea though, decades away from such a device unless the R & D is being conducted by DARPA.

  7. Marshall Smith™ says

    If this stops working while underwater don't panic. Remove the Triton, take a deep breath and then… Oh, wait…

  8. Trevor Morgan says

    Asians just can’t help but scam

  9. Lukáš Kolorédy says

    Bullshit! HOAX

  10. datkhary says

    i cant take you real if you have norton installed

  11. Jonathan Davis says

    Way to not be a terrible "debunker". The only thing more trash than most "science communicators" are most "debunkers (debunk clickbaiters)" on youtube and worse major networks. You sir have done a magnificent job however and did not fall into to a bunch of rhetoric like most nor use fancy pseudoscience arguments to defeat weak pseudoscience.

  12. manoman0 says

    AOC was talking about this kind of technology.

  13. VivalaryMan says

    Can we agree not to dive unless we are trained? These devices look cool but honestly, before buying one think.. how come you never see ACTUAL trained divers with this apparatus? Save this for James Bond. Save lives.

  14. Isaac Luevano says

    Just get a water bottle open it take out water put bottle in your mouth
    Voila oxygen

  15. Anonymity says

    What’s with all the dislikes? It’s insane

  16. Sky_stider223 says

    The thing with crazyRussian
    Most people don’t know what dry ice is…most think dry ice is water vaper lol sounds stupid but it is a thing it happens people really don’t know it’s carbon monoxide I knew that and commented on that video of CRH saying it’s carbon monoxide but my comment went unread I guess lol

  17. TheyRiseBand says

    Young South Korean man needs to figure out a way to raise $1 million, to play video games 24/7 and not have to bother with working…

  18. RC Hobbyist Extreme says

    Many swimmers do not know about the dangers of carbon dixoide and passing out. Those that drown do that. That is why they do not thrash around. They have no idea they are drowning until its too late. This happends every year here in Michigan. People dont realize that the Great Lakes have rip tides just like the ocean. As kids, we used to let them pull us out a few feet and stand up only to find ourselves almost out to the drop off. It was a stupid thing to do. Rebrwathers are the only safe thing you could trust to use. They cost lots of money.

  19. Pulse Fel says

    now heres a question, could you do the zap the water trick, turning it into hydrogen and oxygen gas, seperate the gasses with a filter, and breathe the oxygen from that?

  20. parfay says

    well, at least the person who made this tried

  21. JereHakala says

    They should have just sold their miraculous battery, make hundreds of millions of dollars from that alone.

  22. Daniel Vakser says

    GRRRRRR!!!!! WHY!! DOES!! EARTH!! FUCKING!! SUCKS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  23. Steve W says

    I'm sure it's been mentioned, but as a diver I'm acutely aware that breathing pure O2 below a depth of 20 feet or so is getting into the range where a Central Nervous System hit or Oxygen Toxicity becomes a very real risk. Since a CNS hit tends to result in unconsciousness and convulsions, and having that underwater tends to make for a short life, it would quickly kill off the user base, presuming that it even worked at all.

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