The BEST GoPro Mask for Diving, Spearfishing, OR Snorkeling.

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Cressi GoPro Mask :
GoPro Hero 2018:
Underwater Housing for GoPro:
Alan Key Set:

In this video, we review the Cressi Diving/Snorkeling Mask with Action Camera Mount, also known as the Cressi Action Mask.

This mask is ideally suited to scuba divers, snorkelers, spearos, and casual freedivers that are looking to get a First Person POV style of footage during their dives. The great thing with these mask mounts is that you can free up both hands during the dive without having one hand using a monopod or other similar mounting devices.

Rating: 5.00

  1. Mattycarr 200 says

    Can you use a original go pro screw for the mounting system

  2. undeadhunt 10 says

    to bad not available in the usa

  3. Juan Carlos Campos says

    Great video, Good explained. I just have my new mask for my next trip to Thailand in a couple of weeks, could you do a vídeo explanation about equalizing? I've snorkeled before but i am a begginer though. Thanks keep up the Good work

  4. JesterBushcraft says

    Great overview and explanation of the mask features. I've just been given one of these for my Birthday and am now excited to try it out, having watched your video, Cheers… Subbed !

  5. Brett Stevens says

    Nice dude! Great video and review.

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