1. Michel Nadon says

    is there a air pocket in front of the eye like a usa model , or the water touches the eye and the is no squeeze when diving deeper.

  2. Renato Sawaan says

    Its easy to make wooden google, but it takes 1 day to complete the project, everything will be made in traditional way, but it last until you became older.

  3. VINTONGFX says

    this is cheap back home. our locals make this.

  4. Wishofrain says

    @kervennic about being self sufficient you don't mean to dive alone, right? because that's something that nobody should do, never dice alone.

    and the epoxi could be toxic for your eyes
    maybe some type of silicone?

  5. Mars Orbiter says

    I got a neighbor, he's very good in making those kind of googles!
    I got one for free..Tuyom carcar city Phils.

  6. Wolfgang Dafert says

    If you wanna purchase one of these goggles …
    PayPal, International shipping.
    google for woodengoggles

  7. lars Klottravare says

    Kervennic. Philippine fisher men used to use the all the time. These days they use dive masks but it's still possible to buy them at the local market. Carved wood, window glass and epoxi to join them.

  8. kervennic says

    Can you share your secret (how did you make them) because good diving googles cost money and break easily. What kind of material do you use for the joint between the glass and the wood and how do you apply it.
    I am spearfishing and dreaming about beeing self sufficient, that could help me…

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