1. leggatto3870 says


  2. Rescue Diver says

    When you pick up double tanks, do you carry them by that center valve? Just wondering.

  3. OffRoadRN says

    Cheap? Can't be done cheap without giving up safety. Technical diving is not cheap.

  4. jhon smith says

    I like this how can i do this on the cheap

  5. JK Low says

    Come to Bali and join me, darling.

    I'm staying at Karma Kandara at Ungasan, Or we can dine on board my Azimut. We can have a romantic candlelit dinner, stare into each other's eyes, and we can make love slowly.

    I know you love roses, darling.
    I'll get some ready for you.

    But please wash your wash well before you come on board.
    Wash it with disinfectant…..as your old man always insisted.

  6. JK Low says

    IMO, the LOLA twins setup is more realistic cos in an emergency, I can close the manifold from both sides, and that gives me 2 independant tanks.

  7. a6km says

    I prefer the LOLA twins set up for valves as it gives more security then this system. In everything fucks up scenario you are able to shut the manifold from both sides and you end up with two independent air tanks. Here if there is a problem with the manifold you loose one air tank.

  8. Tri Star Diver says

    amazing setup and easy thank you very much

  9. Bill Adams says

    Scott, Thanks for your help! I hope to see you in Florida next week! Great Post!

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