How I Dry Wetsuit Boots FAST!!

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Any cold water surfer knows the pain of drying your gear, particularly through the winter months when the neoprene is thick and the weather is cold and wet! Here’s how I dry my boots the fast way, whilst doing anything that will degrade the neoprene.

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Ocean Plastic: Kevin Krejci – – CC license:

Drying Boots: Abi Skipp – – CC license

All illustrative photos taken by Chris Kendall on an iPhone 6.

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  1. The Surfing Connoisseur says

    If you have any tips of your own, share them here! ✌️

  2. jade lyel says

    You’re supposed to drip dry indoors anyway direct sun is bad for neoprene

  3. Andrew W says

    I made a boot and glove dryer from a project fan and some ABS pipe, no more smell.  I posted a video a while back on my channel.

  4. csabo1725 says

    fill a sock with baking soda and stuff them down into the boots when you are not wearing them

  5. zytigon says

    Get some HDPE / alkathene pipe and cut it into 60cm lengths which you then attach vertically onto a block of wood to make a hanger / rack, then sit the block of wood in a plastic bucket. You can then place your wetsuit boots upside down on the pipe ends. Make four pipes if you wear wetsuit gloves. I do this as soon as i get home and find there is no need for wetsuit shampoos etc.

  6. Cliff Keller says

    Too much talking around the point.  Get to the point and I am more likely to follow you.

  7. kayaklife canada says

    quick question….im usually in a scenario where im around muddy areas, and my question is how do i wash my boots …do i use detergent or soap…im new at the neoprene world

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