Henderson 8/7mm Thermoprene Front Zip Semi Dry Jumpsuit with Attached Hood Video Review

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This demonstration video discusses and shows the features of Henderson´s 8/7mm Thermoprene Front Zip Semi Dry Jumpsuit with Attached Hood. The Henderson Thermoprene Semi Dry Jumpsuit is made of Thermoprene material which has 75% more stretch than standard neoprene. It is 8mm throughout the main body for greater warmth and 7mm strategic panels for better fit and mobility. The suit features an easy entry cross chest dry-suit zipper and an attached hood which has a one-way flow vent to minimize air trapping.

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Rating: 3.75

  1. Kevin Solgat says

    I see a post from 2 years ago and still have not seen a Hollis 8/7/6mm neotek wetsuit demo. I think I know why. I just bought one and its difficult to get off more so then on. 

  2. grimlund says

    I have thoughts about bying a semidry to the next summer. I think that up here in Sweden you get use to the cold water. I can easy dive with my wetsuit when the temperature is 11-12 degrees C at the bottom. But I think if I had a semidry I coukd dive even in colder water.  Whats the price of this thing??

  3. William Hanson says

    How much weight may I expect to add using the 8/7mm semi dry suit as to the 28 pounds I use with my 7mm wet suit?

  4. icn80 says

    Could someone please perform a review of the Hollis Neotek Semi-drysuit? and a recommended dive boot or if Hollis ' drysuit overboots will work well with it?

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