Scuba diving Ellerton Lake, North Yorkshire

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A convenient little site, it’s very close to home and friendly. I go there when the sea isn’t divable, or when there’s not enough time to get to the coast and back, or when I have new kit, or just when I want to relax and potter around. It isn’t big or challenging but it is pleasant.
Shot mostly with a Veho Muvi K2 and Archon D11V lights, with a little Canon Ixus 100IS footage.

Rating: 5.00

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  1. Tillythedogsdad says

    Hey Mike, if you're wondering why you've had over 100 views in the last few days, it's because I posted a link on the North East Open Water Swimmers (NEOWS) Facebook page.  It's a great video and proven to be very popular on the site (but there's a bit of consternation with the pike!)

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