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Hello everyone!
I got this question asked quite a lot, what training is the best? Wich scuba school to choose?
There is no training better than another, I truly belive that the teacher makes the quality of the training, not the school.

However the person that you are can be attracted to a school etics or way of learning more than another. That’s why I wanted to present you 3 scuba school that I know 🙂

Tell me what is the one you chose in the comments!

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  1. djjoshua007 says

    Vs tdi

  2. Stormblessed says

    I didn't know some certification can be not acceptable in certain countries. I have RAID certification so the French schools would probably even question my existence lol

  3. Damage Control says

    Hi you are cute☺

  4. robin M. says

    The big difference in the French federation is that the teachers are 95% volunteers (work for free, no business here), for all inner clubs, except for the clubs at sea where there is some business. It means that you cannot « buy » your certification, you have to deserve it !

  5. Hotmail0_0 says

    Thanks for making the video!

  6. alistair harris says

    Padi also charge for their master diver cert. SSI don’t

  7. Alphy Pepito says

    Hey Annelle! Come over to the Philippines especially in Malapascua Island. I'm enrolled as scuba diver and diveshop admin at French Kiss Divers, an SSI entity. Its crazy out here 🙂

  8. Virgilio Flores says

    What about SDI? I am about to take the open water certification. Thanks

  9. MrBACARDI1978 says

    I am ssi dive guide

  10. Martin Kadlec says

    Thank you for the video,

    how about CMAS in France?

  11. Classic Calvin says

    hey good video keep it up !!!

  12. Nicolas Stempak says

    From what I saw, SSI is often cheaper than PADI, but not recognized everywhere. I like to be an SSI, FFESSM and FQAS one to be able free diving in France, Quebec and many other countries.

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