How to make your own spare air scuba tank to breathe underwater

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Hi, Im just showing you how to make a spare air scuba tank with cola bottle and an old bike tube with presta valve and a bike pump. with this simple and cheap device you will be able to breathe underwater for a few times like spare air. simple, cheap, and it does the exact same thing as spair air tank, plus you can refil the bottle everywhere you want with your bike pump. Its just like a diving cylinder. but way cheaper, the total cost me 0$, i had the bike pump, i had a cola bottle, and i had a flat tire on my bike. thats a sweet day project for fun.

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  1. william pearson says

    I just saw this and was thinking how stupid this was because it would float so you couldn’t use underwater

  2. Robbie McGill says

    stupid ignorant twat, totally dangerous and idiotic device, injury or death is guaranteed !!!!

  3. Firefox 1O1O says

    What is the valve called

  4. Lunox says

    It can damage the lungs do not breathe that kind of air we alll know that humans breathe oxegen just go buy some suba diving tank not doing that or or just want not to waste money DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME !You have been warned!

  5. Vedder Sloane says


  6. Spacious354 says

    I used it with basic knowledge and I was able to stay under water for a bit. never go deeper than 4 ft. breathe out before you go up.

  7. Kuba Vrabec says

    Is that 7 bars safe or its better 5 ?

  8. Crypto Lord says

    And then it will shoot the valve inside your mouth like bb gun xD

  9. NDNT burak says

    I lıke vidoes thanks you man

  10. little kid says

    Lol battle in flote

  11. Maxy says

    delete it now!!!!! because it is bad to breath in compressed air and it will kill you!!!

  12. Triston Fulford says

    Dude, iv ebeen trying my own mechanical devices for weeks, and your video just blew my mind thx!

  13. Junior Martinez says

    Thanks a lot man I was in the hospital for 2 months in a coma after I tried this at pleasant lake while scuba diving

  14. Robbie McGill says

    Utterly pointless and potentially lethal deathtrap device. Scuba tanks operate at between 3,500 and 4,500 psi, so 100 psi is pretty pointless Dumbass.

  15. Tom greenwood says

    Do you think bye having a bigger bottle you can get more air

  16. Robbie McGill says

    Plastic repeatedly stressed by stretching by inflating weakens and will blow at much lower pressures, blasting sharp plastic shards into your face and eyes or anyone nearby…

  17. Robbie McGill says

    stupid idiot, scuba works at between 3,500 and 4,500 psi, do give enough air to stay underwater, 100 psi would give you about 7 breaths if you could get to 6 feet underwater, you should e charged with attempted murder downloading this shit to You tube,

  18. Jakey Tater says

    How many of these would you pack in a backpack in the pool to stay under for ten minutes?

  19. ACE HACKS says

    As an certified master of scuba I would like to eat nachos and prefer French fries with ketchup beside the plate and not over them.

  20. Gareth says

    As a certified member of the fun police I say don't do it.

  21. MasonNewman says

    You are going to kill your self.

  22. Bleach is gud for u says

    This will probably kill you but you will have a hard time getting underwater because you will just float up because of the air lol not very smart xD

  23. Merciful Avenger says

    What if it explodes in your face or the valve shoots down the back of your throat fuck that

  24. Connor Hutchinson says

    Vape nation y'all

  25. felipe velazquez says

    Do you even know if this thing can go under water it's a plastic bottle with compressed air it will float. If you knew anything about scuba diving you never hold your breath it can seriously hurt you wouldn't try this at all

  26. Emojimatt says

    Smart idea!

  27. Thomas says

    Please take this down.

  28. Bernhard Blietz says

    You know the Main Problem is Most people dont know how to dive, this thing Would instantly float to the surface and the bikepump has Chemicals in it which You really dont wanna breathe in! it's a good idea but… thats just to simple

  29. sam ellicott says

    its quiet. too quiet.

  30. Panfilo Rodriguez says

    Like we can see the air

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