The Top 10 Best Value Professional Dive Watches Under $500

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In today’s video I respond to one of the most frequently asked questions on The Urban Gentry channel.

What is the best dive watch under $500?

If you’re as curious as some of the other good Gentry, join me as I take a look at the top 10 professional dive watches offering the best value, performance, quality, heritage and style under $500.

I’m always interested in what you think, so please share your nominations in the comments below. Most of the watches presented today can also be found in my amazon recommendations list, linked below.

Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Rating: 4.82

  1. John Ryu says

    The best professional dive watches under $500? Buy a casio and then save the rest in your bank account

  2. Fire Fly says

    For me the best is the Seiko 7548-7010 with the screw-down crystal ring

  3. Fehad Bilgrami says

    My first thumbs down for the channel!
    Citizen is top 5, it is almost identical to Seiko… and unique because it isn't a Seiko.

    Victorinox, would be in my top 3.

  4. Mehrdad Biglary says

    how i could get a Lorier Neptune??? I'm not in USA so is there any online store?
    My top 5 is : 1-Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba(I don't know why it is not in your list TGV)
    2- Marathon TSAR
    3- Glycine Combat Sub
    4-Seiko SKX
    5-Dan Henry 1970

  5. RussianSpy101 says

    I just bought the Seiko SKX 009K2 and I see the prices for the alpinist slowly going down so that is next!

  6. John Browning says

    Skx's aren't available in Japan except on the gray market now. 🙁

  7. Spartan J says

    I love my Stein hart and my Blue ray .

  8. 徐安之 says

    l'm looking for a watch !please help me——————
    When I was a kid,about 2004-2007,I had a diver watch . Its dial will change color through out the day!I don't know it's because the light or the temperature ,it change very slowly !I remember it could be blue ,green ,kind of purple & black 。
    Please tell me if u know this watch !

  9. MacPro8CoreMan says

    I own 2 on the list and have owned a total of 4. I have had extensive experience with other brands both less and more expensive. I DO NOT DIVE! I own dive watches for their style, but more importantly; their toughness. I love to have a beautiful watch on my wrist that is also tough as nails. For me the Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.OX.Professional Diver is the best diver on earth. I am not a movement snob so the Ronda 715 Quartz is incredible. Very shock resistant and only needs a new battery every 5 years. Nice to only have to crack open your dive watch every 60 months. I have respect for the SKX, Marathon, Orient and any G-Shock. The SKX has the lume to beat at any price. I still love the I.N.O.X. best. As for off of this list – TGV and everyone else should check out the Phoibos Eagle Ray. This is a completely unique style diver from the best microbrand on the market. The Eagle Ray is much more beautiful than any diver on this list. Google some reviews, you will fall in love. Another Phoibos that is comparable in quality and durability is the handsome Phoibos Ocean Master 1000M Automatic. The Ocean Master is nearly as over-engineered as the I.N.O.X.! Tested and certified to survive depths of more than 1000M (even though divers have never come close to that depth), the Ocean Master runs an NH35 Seiko movement which you heard TGV give his seal of approval. I invite you to check out the Phoibos Eagle Ray… It is quite stunning and very high quality for less than $500.00.

  10. Sean Martin says

    I really love my Dan Henry 1970 in orange. Is it perfect? Not quite, but it's close and definitely an amazing value at US $270. If anybody thinks they like it, go ahead and get one. Note: the 40mm orange sold out last month.

  11. Kevin Flynn says

    How bout a show on watch coatings; PVD, Cera, etc., with a special focus on how they hold/don't hold up over time?  They look great, but will they continue to do so in 5 or 10 years.Thanks,K.

  12. A K says

    Dan Henry looks gorgeous

  13. Forhan Akeed says

    Gladly, I own the Seiko Samurai SRPB53 that's not on the list, and I gotta say it's an amazing watch. Suits my wrist perfectly. As my first automatic watch, I am very happy with it. For my next watch I'm planning on getting the Tissot Seastar.

  14. Sam Johnson says

    The Victorinox. Definitely durable yet maintains an attractive look.

  15. Mike Stone says

    I was issued a Marathon in the 70's when I was with the US Navy Under Water Demolition Team Eleven. It is an awesome watch.

  16. david brown says

    Just found one for sale on eBay, this is a lovely watch.

  17. Longboard TxCo says

    Excellent video bro, I love your passion about watches. Thank you

  18. Faheem Yazdani says

    Unsurprising to see Seiko at 1. Yawwwwwn ahem fanboy

    The Citizen BN0151-09L is hands down the best, all things considered. It dismantles the SKX off the top spot. Better build quality, 5 year warranty, ECO DRIVE! Yep it's the best at this price point.

  19. Bill Bradski says

    Great video! Just bought me a SKX007J.

  20. Dai Watkins says

    Seiko padi samurai SRPB99. Wavy dial, bi-coloured lume, Pepsi bezel, bracelet, solid movement. Best bang for buck diver around.

  21. Gamercell goose says

    can you review the tissot

  22. Craig Woolbert says

    Micro brand Ocean 7 LM7- although it's close to 1k

  23. David Baehr says

    I've picked up 2 Eco-Drives as an alternate to auto. Love my Tissot, the Timex of Switz! Top 25 at least! Kind thanks!

  24. mjzinser says

    skx No Question.

  25. andre says

    i never seen a glycine combat New under 500usd. wish i had. being uk based if there was import tax would top it

  26. Libertatem says

    You forgot Phoibos

  27. FreedomBliss 2012 says

    Hella Intro !!!

  28. Joe Wakeham says

    This video has lead me to purchasing the Dan Henry 1970. Thank you for the advice and amazing videos.

  29. Tad Watson says

    Can't believe the worst watch is number 1. Very sad TVG.

  30. Ocean Summit says

    The Invicta Venom 10805, has a 45 mm case, smaller than the larger venoms, and has a water resistance down to 1000 meters, and I think would be a good watch to add to your list, above some of the others. Above and beyond the depth, any of the "dive" watches, you reviewed here, would even come close to. For some reason, because Invicta puts out, much larger "gaudy" watches, it seems many people have overlooked, the smaller, and very well designed watches, like the 10805. Can anyone even name another watch manufacturer, who can put enough quality into a watch, that even comes close to 1000 meters? Remember, "dive" watches are much larger, for good viewing at depth, and have larger wrist bands, to fit over a dive suit. No self respecting scuba diver would wear any of the "dive" watches, you reviewed here. I think you might want to rename the video, "fashion dive watches" 🙂

  31. robert kotroczo says

    Hi TGV, love your videos, huge fan! I’ve probably seen all your videos about dive watches, watches under 500, 1000, Swiss, etc and I never saw the Certina Action Diver mentioned. I’m looking at picking up a used Titanium for less than 400 USD (yes, I intend to take it diving) and was wondering if it’s just your personal taste or if there is something else you find wrong with the watch? Much appreciated and keep up the good work!

  32. Dr. James W. Conforti says

    TGV, great channel! Your passion and enthusiasm shine through, and is infectious! Just picked up the Seiko SKX007J, and am awaiting delivery from LongIslandWatch. Keep up the great work!

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