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Jonathan explores the history of diving by heading down to New Jersey to meet up with the Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit to try diving in a vintage Mark V helmet! It’s a completely new experience!

JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD is an Emmy Award-winning underwater science/adventure program.

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Rating: 4.73

  1. zakaria600 says

    Like you said, I'll just stick with scuba diving lol for real!!

  2. Kenneth Dumagsa says

    Wow, a nice SCOBA but I'm scared about that when the air hose was cut off

  3. derf says

    Jonathan theres a type of suit called the ADS

  4. Allsek says

    IT'S BIGGER BOOT RUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tAmEz ZoDiAc says

    Early space men.

  6. Arattor 610 says

    More like green world

  7. saladdogger says

    That setup would be great with a bigger front port .

  8. Kendrew Nel says

    UBA Diving!

  9. Drill Instructor says

    Im wondering he play The Cyclops in the Spongebob movie

  10. Dragon Killer123 says

    Wheres spongebob

  11. Mayette Domingo says

    I think thats from the roblox gusmanak but great video

  12. MJ _10 says

    It would be so fun walking on the sea floor

  13. kulera says

    This gave me anxiety.

  14. Sherman Brown says

    Im here for the comments, both spongebob and bioshock.

  15. Carl Blaskowitz says

    You've got balls of steel man, my hat's off to you.

  16. dell wright says

    They are not telling how many divers died in that thing I betcha lots drowned.Lead and steel holding them down.

  17. horahora153 says

    no gloves

  18. Elaine B says

    That gear looks so much heavier than the scuba gear, plus there must be a phenomenal amount of trust involved!!!

  19. Gothiczartan says

    They got to bring back the old fashion deep sea diving gear but better and lot more conformable inside the helmet and suit.

  20. Peyton Black says

    Dear Jonathan‘s blue world my name is Peyton I wanted to be a scuba diver ever since I saw 20,000 leagues under the sea I wanted to be a diver so I could see was below the waves I was curious what was down there like in the Mariana trench all kinds of places if you know what I mean sincerely Peyton Black PS your biggest six scriber in the whole wide world and fan

  21. _T.PhàtGacha_T. says

    Not cool. AMAZING!

  22. _T.PhàtGacha_T. says

    That was cool

  23. joel martinez says

    BIGGER BOOT!!!!!!

  24. The Silverbird gaming says

    So old school XD

  25. MichaelAaron 421 says

    With all that Gear I bet you way is much to anchor

  26. Mysterious Foxy says

    I’m shook

    and scared

  27. Moët 111 says

    I need one!

  28. JJ Thomas says

    Thanks, I'll stick to my rebreather, with my 400+ FSW capability, long bottom times, and minimum danger..unlike this

  29. Kim Hyun Woo says

    ???:”I see an angel! Flying in the sky!”

    Thunbs up if you get this reference 🙂

  30. Random gooy says

    I never understood how this helmets work given they have huge holes

  31. Mathijs Paquin says

    may I ask, is there any areas in canada where you can buy it?
    also it can be any type of diving helmet. i've been searching for one for a while now.. with no luck.
    maybe you can help me? thanks

  32. The Gaming Man studio says

    the intro is so funny cause when the last one is the hammer head shark i think that its call that shark hits the camera hhahahahaaa

  33. Blake Palmer says

    0:33 OOF

  34. Enis Salkic says

    your channel is the most interesting channel I ever seen.

  35. Nichole Manning says

    This is my favriot video john keep it up

  36. Wolf Nation says

    That’s so cool

  37. TallmanMike says

    Wow I'm really impressed with the production quality on this and it's v entertaining! Get some 1440p going on, please!

  38. valor defendor says

    I would last 2 mins in that tops

  39. Ketchap says

    What hurts more sking boots or that

  40. Keith Steven Vincent says

    Mister Jonathan, it's nice watching all your videos they are awesome.i am a commercial diver you should visit here in India some day

  41. Echo H TIZ says

    With the helmet on will it protect ur ears? I have had multiple surgeries on my ears and they hurt really bad if my head is under 10 feet of water

  42. MrAP_ rocks says

    It is like an iron man suit

  43. Black Out boys says

    3:12 I thought he said and then we head out to Floria for me to die lol

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