Gear Tasting 44: Diving into SCUBA Gear and PDW Stocks vs. Folding Stocks

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Today on Gear Tasting, Bryan answers a question on SCUBA equipment and walks through the different levels of gear he uses when diving. He also discusses his preference between PDW stocks and the Law Tactical Folding Stock adapter for his AR’s.

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Xcel Wetsuits –
SOG Seal Pup –
G-Shock DW6900 –
UDT Duck Feet Fins –
H2Odyssey –
Aqua Lung Maui Mask –
Wrist Slate –
Seatec –
NEA Compact Carbine Stock –
MVB Arc Stock –
Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter –

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In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  1. Jack G. says

    Did you get certified at Arlington Scuba by chance? I’ve been an Instructor there for many years. Just curious.

  2. Richard Baldwin says

    You are so old Sea Hunt. Buy quality, wetsuits and masks look similar but the quality of materials varies. I like the D.I.R. equipment philosophy.

  3. erosensai says

    The Maui mask from Amazon is pretty cheaper than the ones sold by Aqualung on amazon, is it the same quality?

  4. Shep Whiteshepherd says

    I guess I just pissed myself!

  5. Fernando Cordeiro says

    what kind of sheath are you using with your SOG Seal Pup at 7:21 ? Tks

  6. Mostly humble 1 says

    Do you live in Florida?  Ever dive Key West?

  7. Scott in Colorado says

    Never wear a B. C. It's like wearing a life preserver under water. Stupid.

  8. Scott in Colorado says

    Use a back plate and a wing… Check out D. I. R. diving. Do it right. It's much more streamlined and is actually retro. Simple. You can transition to cave diving without buying all new gear and retraining yourself.

  9. Scott in Colorado says

    Use a back plate and a wing… Check out D. I. R. diving. Do it right. It's much more streamlined and is actually retro. Simple. You can transition to cave diving without buying all new gear and retraining yourself.

  10. Scott in Colorado says

    Tanks are hydroed every five years.

  11. Scott in Colorado says

    I call B. S. on the cracking mask. If the glass breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces because it's safety glass. But always have a spare mask in your dive bag, they can get lost in heavy surf, if you are inexperienced. But they more frequently get damaged by having heavy gear fall on them tearing or perforating the skirt. I started diving in 1970…

  12. Scott in Colorado says

    To get more speed in the water, use the overhand side stroke to get where you're going quickly and get out past the breakers. . Wear scuba pro jet fins. They are by far the fastest. Gerber river knife on your belt.

  13. escapemechanic says

    check out aqua sketch minno slate if those suck

  14. ilike9s says

    You forgot the Helicopter Emergency Egress Device? Great vid. 🙂

  15. MMR Tactical says

    Bahaha…that joke was way too funny! Simple things amuse simple minds. Thx Bryan

  16. Pepperoni Express says

    so… you are officially a fish!

  17. Javi's Hair says

    A vannoss joke

  18. Dittrich Jonas says

    Could you show your mlcs kit at gear tasting?

  19. lifeguardktm says

    Hey love the gear tasting series, quick question. I recently joined the Marines and have begun to surface fin, any tips on lap swimming with fins, sore ankles and feet from the fins, breathing techniques etcetera. I know you did a lot of fin work in BUDS much appreciated.

  20. crawdad0711 says

    I use a kids manga doodle for a dive slate. Swear by it and no need for a crappy pencil that breaks

  21. Lukens 1776 says


  22. Rum Ham says

    Bryan, If that's your kit, bravo on the K customs. You sir have good taste.

    Why do SCUBA divers fall backwards off the boat? Because if they fell forward they would still be in the boat!

  23. TheGearLocker says

    Backplate, Wings, Hogarth/DIR Style Diving. PADI – Put Another Dollar In. For Training, look at NAUI, NSS-CDS/NACD for Cave Diving.
    No need for a massive knife on the leg. A good line cutter/small knife on the waist strap is all you will need.

  24. Stevie Gunz says

    I laughed way too hard at that

  25. William Nett says

    Yes finally dive stuff!!!! I just got open water and going to do advanced soon. This was a great intro to everything. For a knife depends if you want it for defense or prying and cutting nets and stuff. You will most likely use it to cut netting off yourself. A light is a must. The Princeton tec ones are a good starter to look under rocks and in caves. If diving near dusk or a little earlier or later at depth. Have a tank light. Just a lower powered light to put on your tank to be followed easier. The jet fins by scubapro are my favorite. And most used by professionals I dive around here in socal. Masks make sure you TRY IT ON!!! Go to a dove store try every single one on. And don't skimp on it. Also see if it is comfortable to clear your ears with gloves on, by plugging your nose with them on. This is a long text but I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Oh and a good travel bag is a must. You spend 1000s of dollars, get a good bag for all of it. And then some extra room. I have a mesh bag and a travel bag.

  26. JCarrollTV says

    That joke was great… Lol

  27. Nathaniel Rudy says

    What length barrel is on the pdw gun ?

  28. Logan Taylor says

    no hd ?

  29. Spearfisher1970 says

    I'm surprised that you didn't go the Hogarthian route (BP &W) for your dive gear that so many of us Floridians have. A horse-collar is simple, I suppose. Sorta. Doesn't look very streamlined though.

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