Flexa Z-Therm – Donning and doffing

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With Mares’ Flexa Z-THERM, unassisted donning and doffing of the suit is now a simple process!

The brand-new G-lock zip features an innovative design, starting behind the shoulder and sloping diagonally across the torso in a gentle curve. This zipper orientation makes it fast and easy to suit up without the need for added assistance. Due to the flexibility and special shape, this design also delivers a better fit.

Additionally, an internal flap protects the diver’s skin while improving heat retention.

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Rating: 5.00

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  1. Marly Sharky says

    It‘s clever not to show the hard part: getting your feet out of there (and the part getting the shoulder out and getting the hand ob). At least with other semi-drys, that‘s where it gets tricky. 😉

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