Daily Scuba News – Scuba diving gear could help clean up carbon dioxide

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Scuba diving gear could help clean up carbon dioxide
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Now, most plans for tackling climate change involve reducing emissions with sponge-like compounds that require tonnes of energy to release the CO2 afterward. Now planting trees is great as they act as big CO2 filters but some are looking for a form of trapping and locking away carbon dioxide and it is this method that draws inspiration from us scuba divers… because we’re awesome! I don’t know why more scientists don’t look to us more for advice on their work. Ok so it’s not us personally, it’s all based on the equipment we use… ok some of us use… rebreathers.


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  1. jabberwolf says

    We need the guanidine as as pre or post filters to the soda lime material in the scrubber. Maybe have the guanidine in granular form.
    This would extend the life of the scrubber material , be safer for the diver and we could bake the guanidine filters for reuse 😀

  2. John Michael Saraceno says

    But rebreathers are sooo expensive to buy…

  3. joshua smith says

    So thanking divers who use rebreathers, sounds like your thanking a lot of tech divers and Navy Seals.

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