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Cylinder Tests Finally Overturned
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The new UK standard for the periodic inspection of recreational diving cylinders has been officially published, this has now officially ended the uncertainty that some UK scuba divers had over the proposed annual testing. The new testing measures now mean that there will be a two and a half year interval between a visual inspection and five years between a full cylinder inspection in the UK.


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  1. Christopher Foisey says

    Seriously?! In North America it is common practice for scuba cylinders to be visually inspected once per year. I work as a cylinder technician in Canada and have seen the damage that can occur in less then a year. There was a test done in the US at a university where they proved a steel cylinder filled with standard air (21% oxygen ) and 1 inch of water left for 6 month could create so much rust that in the process the oxygen content could drop below 18% turning it hypoxic and fatal if dove with. Link to study below.

    The University of Rhode Island did a study on SCUBA cylinder internal corrosion back in the 1970s. I have attached the link below if you are interested. This report is older however cylinder MFG and the process of rusting have not changed so this is still very relevant. Well worth the read. They even state a 1 year visual inspection is recommended. The study was done to show what happens when a diver stores their cylinder for the winter without knowing they have water inside. It also has a section on how water can build up over time.


  2. b st john says

    Im certified to inspect cylinders. It was cheeper and easer than taking it in and having it done.
    I have 12-lp95s
    3-lp85s doubles
    Al 30s/40s lp45s
    and 6 als around 40 tanks in all
    The cost to get all inspected yearly was expensive it made sence to take a class and do my own. I hope the US goes to every 2 years. But rental or high use cylinders should stay every year

  3. Troy Miller says

    My steel tanks would get inspected yearly no matter what the government said…rust could get out of hand with one wet fill in 2.5 years

  4. Ketsu No says

    Be nice if they too this up in Australia too.

  5. Do you think that they have there visual inspections done every 2.5 years in the UK because they use din allot? Unlike the US where it's every year and we use yoke. Just a thought

  6. Bram Soens says

    Hahaha, UK leaves the EU, but now uses the same test standard for cylinders as in Belgium. Welcome back. Excellent

  7. joshua smith says

    I have 2 steel 100 high pressure air tanks. With my particular air consumption rate I can stay underwater at 50-60 feet for an hour and a half.

  8. Remus Marian Dragan says

    safety 1st. We help the club do it evey year. 2h max. My only main complain they dont move faster, these french birocrats haha.

  9. Rick Ranger says

    My tank was condemned because it had 1/2 ml by 1 ml deep pitting. Is that normal…

  10. J V says

    Hope they make this change in the US. Every year is silly.

  11. Seymour 13 AGS says

    Yet first comint

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