Girl panics. 15 meters depth.

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During a dive off Cape Town, South Africa, a woman began to panic when she was about fifteen meters deep. She removed her mask and regulator from his mouth, depriving oxygen. Quickly joined by other divers, they have tried to put the regulator in his mouth while the woman, under the influence of panic, refused to cooperate and was desperately trying to reach the surface, eyes filled with terror. Fortunately, the group was finally able to go before she lost consciousness.

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  1. AquashowGirls says

    We will be very grateful for your support!

  2. mc luvin says

    "Everyone good…..You good? OK….cool lemme check the depth…..0:34 …….wth is going on here?"

  3. Jacob Bager says

    I do hope they take away her certification, that was absolutely unprofessional, and she put every single diver on risk, I hope they took her down along with everyone else so they could decompressed there nitrogen.

    that's why you have to have a long and informative education in diving so you don't do this.

  4. nusa mahendra says

    Stupid bitch

  5. Kim Sangwook says

    If a panicked diver shoots up in distress at a depth requiring decompression pause, do you also need to follow her up to see if she is ok or do we follow the normal decompression breaks as per computer?

  6. Pancakebut says

    She probably got water in her mouth and inhaled it people.
    ur welcome

  7. Raleigh Barnard says

    She obviously doesn't know how flippers work.

  8. Robert Brian says

    Some people just simply aren't cut out for Scuba Diving and other extreme hobbies. I watched people panic in my certification class. Not as bad as this, this is about as ridiculous as it gets. But some people are just incapable of keeping a cool head when something goes wrong. It's not easy. I've had situations, like losing control of the air in my dry suit (first time diving it), or getting caught up in a rip current that is pulling you out to sea at 4-5 knots. Really scary. But removing your regulator is just a nuclear melt down level of panic.

  9. Sincerely, Tesh says

    If you've never experienced a panic attack, please dont comment. That's the problem, yall be so opinionated about shit you've never been through or haven't done research on. Learn compassion/sympathy or be the fuck quiet.

  10. hannahtriz says

    What happened? Did her equipment malfunction? Does anyone know the context to this situation i.e. what led up to her panic or caused or to panic?

  11. Lucky says

    Yeahhhhhh, this shit right here. this why I keep my ass out of the ocean and no further down than I can swim up for air.

    When you see some shit like this where someone goes full retard to the point of refusing air when they are drowning, you start to ask questions. Like why the fuck you down there? Are you a fish? Are you lookin' for some fish pussy? Maybe I don't belong down here….? Jesus protect me from stupid shit like this. There enough shit to kill me on land fuck you very much Mr. Mustard.

  12. Camel Bob says

    I’m having a panic attack cause this cameras goin crazy and movin around fast

  13. r/whoosh ? says

    The thumbnail creep the shit out of me.

  14. Crazy 2-1 ILZ says

    It's like death was about to end you

  15. Raymond Cruz says

    Next time practice on two feet of water..I still think you will drown any way..

  16. JamesStarkweather says


  17. NārCosis LeThāL says

    Panic to the point of no return

  18. Random Person says

    Looks like she didn't have buoyancy control and was having a hard time ascending. Or it may have possibly been an out of air situation and she freaked. Or maybe even an asthma attack?

  19. Vanessa Romero says

    How did they not get the bends from going up so quickly

  20. Britney Joy says

    hope she did not suffer the severe withdrawal symptom

  21. Tenebris oculi says

    Fucking mental.

  22. anthony whitehouse says

    F me that scared me.hope she was ok

  23. Matt says

    It's like when she keeps sucking and you start to panic because you can't catch your breath and you're about to die. I'm sure it's about the same

  24. heavydirtysauce xx says


  25. Scubadoo says

    No practise in Pool first ?? Its ok all can do mistakes but this looks not good.

  26. andynogueras says

    That was very scary. I hope she’s okay.

  27. Mitchell Mitchell says

    Benz anyone?

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