Suunto Dive Computer Review 2019 (Zoop, D4i, D6i, DX, EON)

17 24

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(Gauge misspelled as Guage, our apologies)
This week we reviewed our Suunto Dive Computer line up. From large displays to everyday wearable watch-like computers, you can’t go wrong with any of your choices.

Let us know in the comments below what your choice would be and feel free to ask us any questions about dive gear!

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Turpis Piscator says

    The Suunto Eon Core is on my ‘to get list’.

  2. Brian Burk says

    Very informative!

  3. Cristye Moon says

    Can’t wait to visit!

  4. Robert Mills says

    Wooo Hoo!!

  5. Brandee Villano says

    Super Cool Computer. Hopefully upgrading in the near future to a watch!

  6. Tony says

    Love my Suunto

  7. Sam Shore says

    Great review! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Michael Berna Jr says


  9. David Broome says

    We're a Suunto family. Eon Cores all around!

  10. Nicole Grothjan says


  11. Rusty Gaspard says

    I like that d4i and d6i

  12. Clare Posey says

    I like that you can use the dive computer as a regular watch as well! I am not very tech-savvy and have poor eyesight so I am leaning towards the first dive computer mentioned the zoop novo.

  13. Piper Thomas says

    great review!

  14. Cassie Cofresi-Tuska says

    Awesome review! Thanks

  15. Michael McCann says

    Thanks for review, I am liking the D4i or D6i

  16. TheForsaken931 says

    Nice review!

  17. sociologiachica says

    Thanks for the dive computer review. I look forward to more equipment reviews and suggestions. I bought the Suunto Zoop Novo and struggle with changing settings and understanding all the options it offers. I hope you will consider doing "how to use" videos in addition to reviews. Thanks!

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