Drysuit Preparation For Cold Water Diving

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www.magmadive.is. Wear a drysuit before diving in the cold waters of Iceland. A drysuit helps you to stay warm, dry and comfortable when scuba diving underwater. Drysuit diving is the best way to dive in Iceland all year round. Using a drysuit in places like Silfra guarantee excellent thermal protection. The best part of drysuit diving is being able to survive where only the most extreme marine life exist.

In this short snappy video you can watch David Ramsay of Magmadive Iceland as he gets ready into a drysuit. The video was shot in Thingvellir National Park, where cool clear water flows over lava into the most amazing tectonic fissures. You can experience over 100m visibility and beyond, an astonishing distance for any scuba diver.

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  1. unisuit says

    Its not the water outside the reg that causes most of the freezing. Its the Dew point in your air being too high. I want the air to cause me dehydration, cuz it suck the moisture from my lungs. You get that right and any Diaphragm regs will work.

  2. unisuit says

    this guy a Halcyon sales rep?

  3. Czacha Dymi says

    How come your first stage is not cold water rated? At 0:09 you can clearly see EN250 mark when cold water rated should be EN250A, isn't it?

  4. J Park says

    Do you use 30 lb wing for single tank? Also how is the Halcyon H75p first stage. I'm thinking about getting the halcyon h75p+Halo second stage for my first regulator set up.

  5. FatJew says

    Hey, what sort of dry gloves are you using for your d1 suit?

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