Storing Wet Dive Gear While Traveling

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Storing Wet Dive Gear While Traveling

Sometimes we don’t always have time to dry out our dive gear when we travel, so we store it wet. This can cause a ton of problems. In this video Instructor Bryan Stafford shows you a little tip that he has been using for many years, when he has to store wet dive gear. This will not only prolong the life of your dive gear, but it will also help keep other gear dry and uncontaminated.

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  1. Rick Kinney says

    Did I hear you correctly regarding the price of your dry suit? OMG. I had no idea dry suits cost that much. Is diving with a wetsuit an option for your spring dives? I live in Florida and have often done dives without any wetsuit in the springs. I didn't think it was that cold. I understand if you are doing multiple dives you want and need the protection but isn't a wetsuit a more affordable alternative? BTW, I appreciate the tip about traveling with wet gear. I'm going to give your idea a try myself. Thanks.

  2. George Heinze says

    Brian, I am new to diving, only been certified for about 3months,I have been on numerous dives since then, but I am still learning. I have a 5mm Henderson wet suit, and I do dock clean ups in my area. It is now coming up on the winter months. With this said, I need to ask you a question maybe you can answer. The question is this…. Is a 5mm suit enough exposure for year round diving in South Carolina? I can't seem to find the average water temps in this area, and even if I did I wouldn't know if I would be wearing enough protection.

  3. Binford400 says

    Good tip! I also add hanging moisture trap in my bags. Lots of times we dive Lake Superior and then it’s a ten hour drive back home after last dive. The towels work great and the trap is usually full when I pull it out. Really makes a difference during ice diving season. Safe diving keep up the great vids

  4. David Crowson says

    Hope y'all have a great safe travels. Where are y'all going to in Florida.?

  5. jimgam730 says

    Thanks for the tip. I would've never thought to use those towels to dry my reg. Gonna have to get some.

  6. Dive Another Day says

    I'm surprised you're not at DEMA… I was shocked to learn that Mares is owned by Head. I was looking all over the DEMA map for Mares, only to discover that the booth belongs to HEAD. Interesting…

  7. Richie Teague says

    Great thumbnail for this video!

  8. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    What Drysuit do you have? Is it 3500 for the stock Drysuit or all accessories?

  9. Roy Atkins says

    Where are you going to be diving Sunday. I can't make it tomorrow or Saturday but I might be able to go on Sunday. What will it cost for just Sunday

  10. Joe kle says

    Thanks! This is a great tip. I have been looking for a way to help dry my stuff because I have a sealed hard case also.

    Love these tips! Great Channel!!

  11. John B says

    Very useful information.
    Deep inside warm water (wetsuit) boots tends to take DAYS to thoroughly dry. I have been looking for a boot dryer that has forced airflow. Haven't found any recommendations on one yet.

  12. Dan Booker says

    Safe travels. I’m heading down first thing in the AM. Hope to see ya and if not y’all have a great time and safe diving.

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