How To Pack Luggage For A Dive Trip

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How To Pack Luggage For A Dive Trip

Here is a neat little tip on how to pack you luggage for a dive trip. It’s called bundling. You can pack up to several days worth of clothing into just about any size of luggage case, with minimum wrinkles.

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  1. Dwight Velazquez says

    What size/model pelican box is it? Great tip!

  2. Ron Comer says

    Thanks for posting, can you tell me which Pelican cases you use to carry all of your gear and clothes? Do you put all of your gear in these or do you carry on your regs cameras etc? Thanks

  3. ice4bikes says

    Great tips, thnx!!

  4. Lynn Costenaro says

    and here's another fun one–easily all in one bag less than 50 lbs

  5. Gerald Dy says

    Wow thanks for this video! Pelican is really good?!? Because I'm torn between buying those Cressi or Scubapro bags w/c is very expensive . Now I want to buy Pelican case.

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