1. Anybody Steve says

    Boats not appearing at all haha

  2. Micheal Gruny says

    it work

  3. PESTIL3NCE says

    Not there 4 me

  4. denzel lajara says

    Can you get
    It online

  5. Mon Tail says


  6. destroyer of zombie says

    I'm in your crew

  7. Pickle Rick says

    I found it just fine you just have to go at daytime thanks

  8. cop kid says

    Its hard to get i look evrywher

  9. Leia Todacheeny says

    what mission do we do?

  10. OwlFlavoredDemon Anonymous says

    No find boat

  11. Marshmello Kiddo says

    How you spawn the boat

  12. j.r 10 says

    I don't see it

  13. Goodboi Nation says

    It only spawns after it rains guys!

  14. Marc Plaps says

    guys he is not lying! This is GTA which means things spawn in and out sometimes its there other times it's not but if you search that area of the docks there should be one of those dinghy's around. you only get the scuba gear once you get behind the wheel and then it only shows when you get in the water it will automatically pop on the character in the water! hope this helps.

  15. OnlineGamer330 says

    nope nope….. I found em omg… if the boat is not in the place where ign is talking just go around the "place" or area and you will find boat I promise

  16. InSeTsEvEn4 Gaming says

    Funny tho some guys got angry at me when i stole the boat

  17. InSeTsEvEn4 Gaming says

    Works. Thanks

  18. Gammer Eye says

    what if the boars not there

  19. Adam Ilyas says


  20. ronald canchola says

    You liar it's not there I went there over 30 time never showed

  21. Smash 9905 says

    I did it thanks so much

  22. Bradly Lairamore says

    The boat isnt there I've tried 28 times WTF

  23. Bradly Lairamore says


  24. Michael Girvin says


  25. Nightshade564 says

    I did have to drive and accidentaly fall in and swim got jumped out with no gear

  26. Nightshade564 says

    I didn't get the gear

  27. Seamus Oneill says

    Does it have to be day time couse im there now not there but its night

  28. fuzzims11 says

    No gear, no dingy just false hope

  29. ImNinja93 says

    No boat?!

  30. Muilisx says

    I went, and there was no boat, and I completed the game..

  31. NukeGameStudiosHD says


  32. simpleOne pain says


  33. Jon Boy says


  34. RememberPluto says

    You need a dingy or the sub to get the scuba gear.

  35. Elliott Hernandez Sebastian says

    Ludi why u grammar nazi?

  36. Elliott Hernandez Sebastian says

    Damn it righteous I would believe you if all of those comments weren't worded the exact same way

  37. pigeon man says

    actually i am –'

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