Getting Started with Diving – Gear Tasting Radio 58

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It can be difficult to know where to start with SCUBA Diving and this week on Gear Tasting Radio, Rob asks Bryan some basic questions about how to jump into diving. Bryan offers his thoughts on PADI and NAUI certifications, as well the importance of finding a good local dive shop.

As it wouldn’t be Gear Tasting Radio without a discussion on gear, Bryan also recommends some beginner equipment. However, he also stresses the benefits of finding a shop with gear rentals.

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Lucca DeBiaso says

    Funny, I got my PADI open water certification in February​ and have been hooked since. This episode came at the right time for me.

  2. Jason says

    I think it would have made more sense to have an experienced guest instructor to talk about scuba diving. For the most part, good job guys. Keep it up. OWSI myself.

  3. Operator Ben Me says

    Also if you got dive certified at 12 and you go diving a lot you don't need to review only if you go six months without diving

  4. Operator Ben Me says

    Padi is amazing I'm in Guam and my instructor is amazing better than in the states

  5. Robert Schultz says

    I have had inner ear problems since I was a kid. they put.

  6. Wade Smith says

    OW is solid 3 days – however it’s pretty common in the US to split it over sessions over weeekkkkkks god knows why. Join a club, hire gear. Meet a buddy. Disclosure I am a PADI pro – no real difference between the big two agencies until the pro levels. Naui is not common in Asia or Australia.

  7. alaskankare says

    huh I thought open water meant ocean, because you have to do with currents in the ocean.

  8. William Cockfield says

    I like diving but I’m definitely not a master diver. I’m a much better fisherman but even still I wouldn’t consider myself a master fisherman. I would however consider my self a master baiter. Unfortunately with to 4 month old twin girls I don’t get to do it as much as I used to

  9. Paul Ganze says

    It doesn't matter as much about the agency as it is the instructor. Find out how much he dives, where he dives. (Is he a diver 50+ dives a year. or just a person who dives. less than 40 personal dives a year.} You want someone who is also a technical diver, cave diver. He will have more knowledge and understanding on gear.

    Open water is diving in recreational (less than 150 ft. and no decompression)

  10. That guy who cannot abide says

    Hogarthian / DIR diving, or don't do it. If you have a 'BC,' you've been sold a bill of goods. Backplate and wing is always superior.

  11. Todd Galbreath says

    Your certification does not expire just take a refresher with an instructor.

  12. Zuby05 says

    My experiences varied greatly!
    – Certified by PADI as an Open Water Diver and then as an Advanced Open Water Diver
    – Course was only a weekend for classroom work and pool competencies, and then 1 weekend of dives in a lake
    – Certified with PADI in 2017 and in Saskatchewan, Canada for both courses and practice dives
    – Dove with both dry suits and wet suits in all temperatures ranging from 4c to 24c and if you're moving you're fine, but there is virtually no difference between a wet suit or dry suit. Other than you come up dry in a dry suit (In theory, if the seals don't leak)

    Took my certifications so that I could work at a fish farm in Saskatchewan and if you're thinking about taking your courses I would say do it! I always wanted to and if you are able to keep your composure under water and remember the drills and procedures then you'll be fine.

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