What To Buy DIN Or A-Clamp

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What To Buy Din Or A Clamp
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  1. Matthew Hignite says

    Here in North America we call the a clamp yoke

  2. Anna Székely says

    Hey, cool video. Also we can add that fact if you dive overhead, closed environment DIN is the way, cause smaller as you said and more compact so less option to stuck, (the Yoke has that end part) even though it's a rare case when that part would stuck, but still. (Plus in tech diving it's also DIN always, but those who on that level probably already knows it 😉 ).

  3. Eslam Zeid says

    DIN is much more convenient and safer, a friend of mine had an o ring failure in the middle of the dive with a clamp, I am not saying it won't happen to DIN but at least it is my o ring which I will be the one who takes care of it.

  4. Yoann Goas says

    For me the inconvinient of din is it can stay stuck on the tank and it is harder to place and remove…

  5. dharmapunk5 says

    A clamp is what I have, I dive in BC Canada

  6. Stoyan Kerefeyn says

    DIN is future proof and has no downsides. Most places have an adaptor on site free of charge, so you even don't have to buy one. Just be sure to check with the dive club.

  7. Crazy says

    I went with a Din because it was $15 for a yoke adapter. This gives me instant versatility anywhere in the world with my personal kit.

  8. Person says

    I use A clamp because most tanks in the US and Caribbean are A

  9. Common_C3nts says

    I live in the US and just bought a DIN reg. Most tanks allow you to remove the plug on them to convert them from a yoke to a DIN. But if I have to use a yoke only tank then I have an adaptor to use that converts DIN to Yoke.

  10. ChefderArmy says

    DIR DIR DIR DIR!!!!!!!


  11. MR M RASHED says


  12. tom thompson says

    buy din ,,, buy an adaptor to a clamp ,,, but ,,, buy an allen key to keep in your bag too ,,,,,,,,,,, most basses covered

  13. GuitarPartho says

    It's all about location for me. I Use A Clamp because North America, Central America and South America only use it.

  14. Joshua Mandelbaum says

    Dive a clamp as most tanks in the US are not set up for DIN .

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