What scuba diving equipment do beginers need? // Crazydivers

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As a divemaster, one of the most commom question I guet ask is this one. I just wanted to adress it for you to know what to buy (or not) if you are just getting started on this amazing journey.
And remember, there is no stupid question, feel free to ask any other one that you may have in your mind!

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  1. TeKkil4 says

    Super sympa la vidéo, une belle passion

  2. Michelle and Amanda says

    Honestly….this was super cool! my brother is a divemaster too but I have never actually been and really want too! thanks for this video 😀

  3. Joseph Bevacqua says


  4. Thomas Annulis says

    Great video! Thanks for the help

  5. Feel Good Manager says

    Merci beaucoup, video très intéressante !

  6. Lost and Boundless says

    Do you like to do any dry suit diving since you're in Canada?

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