1. Simon Millward says

    Another nice review, Jeff. Bit surprised to see you employing a so-called "suicide clip" for your torch (1:15) as opposed to a bolt snap. šŸ™‚ But each to his own, of course. Deepblu is a Taiwanese company. I live over here. I see a lot of divers with a Cosmiq+, but mainly "new" open water divers. Why? Because the Cosmiq+ is very cheap compared to other LED dive computers. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the Cosmiq+ for "new" divers. First of all, I have heard of divers having technical issues with this computer. In addition, it is rechargeable, and requires frequent recharging, rather than needing a battery. That is a good thing, as long as you remember to recharge it. However, I have met (new) divers who have gone on boat dives, forgetting to recharge their Cosmiq+ … I would recommend to new divers to buy a computer that is known to be reliable, is user-friendly, and not expensive, such as a Suunto Zoop Novo. In my opinion, this is the best starter dive computer. Just my opinion. PS. And no offence intended regarding the "suicide clip". šŸ˜€

  2. Johanna Marttala says

    I need to make a warning of a faulty and ill-quality product on the market!

    Please be aware of the Deepblu Cosmic divecomputer.

    I did the research before bying it and only good reviews were found. Apparently the Ambassador program has been successful in silencing the true colors of this shitty product!

    Short version:
    – delivery of the product always took longer than promised.
    – first unit; the charging system failed in 2 weeks.
    – replacement unit; mode button broke down in 3 weeks.
    – no possibility for refund
    – still havent got the next (3rd product) replacement unit
    – this all in 4-5months trying to work in diving

    Right now I want this information to reach as many divers as possible whom are considering to buy this divecomputer. I know I'm not the only one having trouble with this product and company so please SHARE and ADD your own experiences!

    If you want more details or info just ask!

  3. STLShu says

    My girlfriend bought this computer. The first one had many shipping problems. When she finally got it didnt charge properly. They replaced it and this one showed up faster but the mode button didnt work. They refused to give a refund and insisted on sending a third one. Now she is about to leave in a couple days and there are again issues with shipping and she wont have a computer for her dive holiday. The whole situation is complete mess. Deepblu really needs to get their act together.

  4. The Art of Scuba Diving says

    can you tell me what mask and comms setup you are using?

  5. Anton Todyka says

    Best review! Thank you! Would be nice to hear technical specs, max depth, battery life, charging time…

  6. 郭哲宇 says

    Wonderful review. But I guess the Computer`s brand is Deepblu?

  7. Mr T says

    where was the dive?

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