How To Don Your Scuba Gear Without Hurting Yourself

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How To Don Your Scuba Gear Without Hurting Yourself

Donning your scuba gear can be difficult if you are by yourself. In this video, Instructor Bryan Stafford shows you the three most common ways to don your scuba gear safely.

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  1. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    People should know how to put on scuba gear so what is the point of this suggestion for this video?

  2. David Mason says

    Great video appreciate the wisdom in this and in all the others as well. I have only been diving for less than a year and have alot to learn. All your videos help.

  3. NCLong says

    My favorite way to don my equipment is to throw it in the water and put it on there!

  4. Rick Kinney says

    If there are only two of you, how do you help each other get the gear on? After the first diver has his/her tank on, wouldn't it be quite difficult for that diver to pick up your tank to hold it for you while wearing their own tank?

  5. Lars Sveen says

    Now try these with my steel 120 cyl, plus steel backplate, plus 14 lbs of lead…. Pretty much the only way I can don my gear is if I can set it on a ledge. I've also done it in the sand by laying it on it's side and lying down next to it, slipping my exposed arm into it and rolling over onto my front — kinda hard to describe, but it works.

  6. David Crowson says

    That's good examples and thanks for sharing.

  7. John B says

    Great video, Bryan. My kit is with a 19CF PONY attached to my main bottle on my right side. It makes your last method pretty awkward – especially since I weigh 150# and my kit weighs 60#. I have donned it only with the first 2 methods you showed.
    From a distance I saw a diver once don his gear solo by sitting on the ground, feet extended out front, putting it on, and then turning himself 180-degrees over on all fours and then standing up. What do you think of that method?

  8. VashBlaster says

    Great video indeed. I never did the last method, I think it's too dangerous and you have to have a certain strength to do it safely, in my opinion.
    I normally do the seated one, pull the shoulder straps the much I can and attach the chest strap, I lift myself up or with the help of someone and lean slighty foward, and with a little hump foward whit the help of the legs while pulling the straps I adjust the remaing to garantee there's no room for movement. I also know another one that I did during my OWD course, that our instructor (he's a GUE and DIR instructor) wanted us to learn but said that normally just some people like to do that when the boat is too crowded, it's inflating the vest and throwing it over board to the water and putting the vest/wing on the water using a certain method and technique, it was pretty fun to do it and eventually can be useful, but normally it's always on the boat sitting .

    Have a fantastic weekend Bryan 😉

    Hugs from Portugal

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