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In this video, Becky from ADRENO Brisbane talks through how to choose your regulator. Choosing the right scuba diving regulator can be overwhelming, especially having such a large range online and in store!

Since a regulator is such a fundamental part of any scuba diver setup, we always recommend investing as much as you possibly can into you scuba reg, to ensure you have the best performance when you dive.

Here’s what Becky from ADRENO recommends when choosing a scuba diving regulator:

1. The highest performance you can afford

2. Ensure your chosen reg suits the type of diving you’re doing – if you’re a beginner scuba diver and don’t dive below 80 metres, there are many affordable regs that would suit your diving requirements. If you dive below 80 metres, however, you’ll really notice the difference between affordable and top of the line scuba diving regulators.

3. DIN or yoke – yoke regulators are typically the scuba diving norm around the world. Typically, they do not hold very high pressure. DIN, on the other hand, is suited for higher pressures. You have to make sure that your regulator choice (DIN or yoke) can be transferred into your scuba tank (DIN or yoke).

4. Your travel requirements – if you travel often, you may prefer a regulator that is both lite, and smaller in size!

5. Guages – there are so many options when it comes to your gauges. Choose your gauges depending on where you’re diving and what information you want available.

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