SCUBA DIVING Coron Palawan Philippines | WRECK diving w/ Exploring with Cody

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Coron Palawan Philippines is becoming legendary. World class island hopping and beautiful blue water is reason enough to visit. It’s already paradise for adventure travel, but the Scuba diving in Coron is a hidden secret. Not many know that it is home to some of the best wreck diving in the world.

Just north of Palawan Island, and about 30 meters below the surface in Coron Bay is a fleet of Japanese warships, sunk by American bombers in 1944 as they were fleeing the Philippines. These ships are massive. Some are over 150 meters long, and almost completely intact.

In this Philippines travel vlog, I team up with Exploring with Cody, and we tag team this incredible location. This was one of my favourite adventures in the Philippines. Let’s go back!

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  1. Elma Alambra says

    Whoa, that’s amazing!! Amping pirmi

  2. Grind with Nodd says

    Im watching this on my 120” projector screen. Its amazing the underwater footage. Its breathtaking

  3. aldrich inciong says

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  4. Sapphire Ylana says

    Nice intro Mik….tell the story about….beautiful Island…Your Amazig diver MikMik….very cool….and your background sound in your video us so awsome….

  5. Jim Scott says


  6. pepsi rivera says

    Handsome divers…

  7. Ronald Bananola says

    Do Apo Reef , Verde Island Passage yeah there are lots of great dive sites Mike in Pinas.

  8. Garsa Store says

    Wow man,this videos is making me wild to go there and enjoy diving.

  9. Elvie's Family And Travel says

    finally been to Coron , Palawan last month =) it's a paradise

  10. Nicole Colina says

    I live here in the Philippines and my gosh it's going to be my first time going to coron Palawan in December!!! I'm so excited!!!

  11. Baby Sullano says

    war is real and sad, when you saw this brave fallen soldier

  12. Baby Sullano says

    War is real and it is sad, when you saw this brave soldier's fallen

  13. Baby Sullano says

    The american, canadian, british, and other allied soldier was also burried in a beautiful "American Cemetery" around "BGC", and "The Venice Grand Canal Mall" in McKinley Hill's, Taguig City.

  14. Roxy Love says

    There are so many things I want to do in this world, but I’m broke

  15. Joe says

    Too bad for the dirty sensor

  16. Gary mccellen says

    U r best vlogger

  17. FDL VLOGS Lingo says

    The last part is the last battleship in japan is musahi

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