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The world’s top professional cliff divers challenged themselves in a thrilling competition on the fourth stage of the 2016 World Series at La Rochelle in France on Saturday (July 23).

Britain’s Gary Hunt produced a stunning comeback, including two of the hardest dives in the world.

In front of an estimated 70,000 fans, 32-year-old Hunt rose from 12th place after two rounds with a front three somersaults with 4½ twists free.

Britain’s Gary Hunt produced a remarkable comeback to win the La R…
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  1. derpfrog says

    1:05 I think the splash went up his pooper…or he hit a warp zone before hitting the water

  2. Xolo Martinez says

    Winners for just doing it!

  3. Arnold Stollar says

    Kool. Few men can do this.

  4. Indra Parawansyah says

    Ngeri ny

  5. Maverick says

    Dive head first you pussies

  6. Sill Idill says

    palms are sweaty, knees weak, moms spaghetti

  7. Devon MacDonald says

    Man is amazing!

  8. M.J. Leger says

    That is incredible diving! I understand it is about 80+ feet to the water from that tower. More than I would care to try; when I was high-diving my max was about 50 feet shy of that! If you didn't enter the water just right from that height, (e.g., on your belly), you would probably have a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding. With foot entry first, head injuries are kept at a minimum and those guys really know how to dive! I'm sure they start out at much lower levels until they perfect their technique!

  9. Jerry Lee Kersey says

    Hold on to your lug nuts

  10. Syd Adnan says

    Hot sexy male bodies

  11. HSV0012 says

    Ive done higher before

  12. Monster Mousse says

    Checkout the American high diver from 172'. The camera pan out may turn your stomach.

  13. Fingerboarding boi says

    How many spins do they do?

  14. Fy7dick channel says

    Ohhh…..so hight

  15. Music Boy says

    0:20 I thought he was naked for a moment.

  16. 兆民 林 says


  17. Nat is my Name says

    Who else here’s the thiccc Plomp when they reach the water

  18. Robert Williams says

    And you will die

  19. Nick Mattio says


  20. M.J. Leger says

    Those divers at La Rochelle are diving about 88 feet into about 15 to 18 feet of water, so of course, they land feet first (or should). I admire them but I would NEVER do that! I've jumped off a cliff into a river before, but never again. Since that date, I've seen too many accidents with high-diving!

  21. M.J. Leger says

    I used to go swimming in a river at the bottom of a canyon, and people were jumping off surrounding rock surfaces, cliffs all the time into the water. I went up once, and spent an hour plus getting sunburned trying to get up the nerve to jump! Several years later, after I had competed in high-diving in school, a young guy I knew and used to baby-sit for, DIVED off the same cliff (instead of jumping) and unfortunately, he hit his head on the bottom and broke his neck. Sadly, he remained a paraplegic from the waist down.

  22. Petros Komninos says

    how they land like this.. damn!

  23. Rusty says

    Feet first? Wimps.

  24. alZiiHardstylez says


  25. JJuliaSmile says

    this is fucking insan!!!

  26. 프킨골롭 says


  27. ヴィックン says

    Reminds me of leap of faith.

  28. 马锦松 says


  29. Stacey Co says

    That castle looks straight from age of empires 2

  30. Prakash Sahoo says


  31. wise johnny says

    Fake cgi video

  32. Ravi Wadhave says

    ye to koi bhi kr sakta hai

  33. Gaurav VT says

    I can barely swim, how the fuck they do from that height

  34. Aras Demir says

    Mükemmel bir atlayış

  35. Suresh S says

    Very nice and good

  36. Juan says

    0:20 lol i thought he was naked

    edit: naked*

  37. stomachsiter bellysiter says

    what a fuckin brave person

  38. humphrey wainaina says

    How high is this?

  39. Róbert Èvi says


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