Night Dive In The Great Barrier Reef (Sharks and Feeding Frenzy)

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This is the greatest dive of my life. Hard to believe that I almost backed out of it. I’d never done a night dive and was scared to do it.

Glad I didn’t back out. This was the most amazing experience. We saw lots of reef sharks. Mid way we came across a school of bait fish. When we shone our lights on them, the bigger fish and the sharks attacked.

Got a little out of hand and found myself inside the school a couple of time.

Rating: 4.79

  1. Jon P says

    1 diver could have been in trouble and no one will know.

  2. mac macd says

    I’ve done a lot of crazy shit and this still has to be one of the scariest things I’ve done! Respect!

  3. nahavandi89 says

    You guys are out of your minds. You probably dont like to live lol!!!

  4. Javier Jimenez says

    How did you not shit yourself??

  5. Calle says

    Go swimming in their kitchen at dinnertime. I think not!

  6. oscar valdez says

    Balls of steel to do this

  7. Jahanzeb Khan says

    thats the scariest thing a man can do in earth

  8. KelpNougatCrunch says

    See I would be scared to death 6:58 scared me just looking at. I wouldnt,be able to handle this

  9. Adrian Espinoza says

    MAn I'd be so scared to dive at night! Can't see anything! You never know if something could be creeping up behind you.

  10. onicknacko says

    Sooo cool! Just did my OWD last week in the Philippines and also had my first night dive. End of this year I will be in Australia and can't wait to dive the GBR. 🙂 Cheers for the amazing video!

  11. Coert Maraist says


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