Maldives: diving paradise (full documentary)

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The Maldives Islands are synonymous with diving. Its capricious geography consists of over 1,200 small coral islands, not all are surveyed and some emerge or disappear, with earthquakes of the sea. The Maldives offer the professional diver and to tourists that plunge for the first time, an evolving paradise.

There are more than 4000 species of fish on coral reefs. Only in the Maldives are over 900. Many tourists visit the Maldives for withdraw from the world. The friendliness of its waters and species diversity invites to discover an exuberant underwater world.

The novel diver is usually terrified with the mere presence of the shark. Our panic may upset them. But if you simply observe their movements, he will be at our fingertips.

The legend of man-eating shark, has been disproved. Most only feeds on mollusks and small fish, but something about their appearance (as an ancestral fear of man) still frightening us.

Most species are escondidizas during the day. They take advantage of the night to hunt, from coral crevices where they hide their long bodies, which in the larger species can reach three meters. There are so many species that live on the reef, where is given the disconcerting fact that hunters prey and swim very close to each other.

The shark is the lord of the sea. For the diver, swimming beside her is like winning their respect. Some experienced divers roam the oceans in order to boast of being with all shark species.

Tourism promotion has enabled the Maldives to develop its economy, although there are still large gaps in their population. Its diffusion as a privileged place of rest and exotic beaches has paralleled promoting diving in the reefs. Thousands of divers immerse every year in its waters. In our world, saturated with artificial images, the ocean offers us an endless entertainment.

Rating: 4.60

  1. Julia McDonald-Carberry says

    It's utterly incredible & totally astonishing that our species has managed to get away with showing such an utter lack of respect & humility for the oceans, sharks & their kind, cetaceans & every other creature in the sea, on the land, as well as in the air for as long as we have without paying much worse consequences than we have so far. The feeling that something truly horrible is about to happen & dire consequences for the utter lack of will & determination to change, while reversing our species attitudes & behaviour immediately can't be ignored by anyone with any sensitivity &/or community with the environment & creatures living in it with us. The aprehension is palpable among all of the animal & human species alike, as well as the innate knowledge there is nowhere to which one can evacuate in order to avoid the apocalypse that will soon be upon the world. There is literally nothing to do & nowhere to go to. Man will face the consequences of his species arrogance, greed, selfishness, cruelty, inhumanity, etc… and there is nothing anyone can do the help his species anymore. Are any of us going to try to save the few species we can, before the end? If so, we must do what we can immediately. We must fight to end shark finning & the unregulated harvesting of all shark species everywhere on the planet. All sport fishing of sharks must be halted & fishing where sharks are caught from the beaches for sport. All recreational fishing of sharks & rays must cease immediately & all shark fishing laws, rules & regulations must be prosecuted. All policing of shark related laws must be done by teams of officers & prosecuted by teams of officers.

    Ultimately, there is a tremendous amount of work that what be done immediately. Primarily stopping the wanton slaughter of literally the most important creature, critically responsible for the survival of all complex life forms on our planet. Unless the slaughter of sharks is stopped, our oceans & by extension our entire planet is doomed. That's a scientific fact & just the way it is. Sharks have driven the evolution of all species in the oceans & seas, as well as species on land virtually from the beginning & continue to do so. They play critical & irreplaceable roles in every ocean & sea. They truly are the driving force of all complex life on the planet. In fact, without sharks our own species would never have evolved to where we are today. We owe them our very existence & must learn why so, we need to preserve their kind & do it now!!!! We must cease all commercial harvesting or recreational fishing of every species of shark in every ocean & sea all over the world or wherever else they may be in salt or fresh water. No shark may be taken by any means from any body of water in any location anywhere in the world without the express permission of the international Sharks Board's Chairman & then only in order to attempt to save its life.

  2. Sally Squires says

    Check out my books Kissed By A Fish and Mermaids Are Cool on
    I'm trying to shine a light on the fact that we need to clean up the oceans for our fish friends.

  3. Joey Gonz says

    Evolution.. blah blah blah. Gods design is the cause for all of this beauty.

  4. Jen Savage says

    Beautiful footage. It was so peaceful to watch. However, the octopus has a hard beak, so it can only fit through spaces its beak can fit through, not its eye.

  5. Creepiest part of moray eels is the middle row of teeth in their mouths….it's like us having a row of hypodermic needles in the middle of the roof of our mouths….

  6. Roeland Smits says

    I also had an amazing close encounter with Manta rays recently at Unesco point, Maldives, check out :)!!!

  7. Mogen Zo says

    Maal-dives? You mean Mol-deeves buddy.

  8. Jeremy Poovan says

    i love manta rays

  9. Lol Saani says

    My islanf

  10. tzontzi says

    not a good idea to advertise you can hand feed fish. That's bad education, guys. You do not do that as a diver.

  11. Mitsos Mux says

    hey man , if someone had a picture about coral reefs of the maldives only by this doc he would think that mediteranean sea is vastly more timing with life , more colorfull and ofcourse less dangerous , thx for greece's advert 😉 , seriously i encounter more species when im goin rockpoolin here in athens and i bet i could bring more life into a 51.50 film with 40 mins of raw footage on a single coral reef snorkelin … because underwater focumentary is something i dig pretty much since 1983 i can say this is scatered footages that didnt made it to doc(s) and they got stitched together , some comentary , classic case of music bacground and thats it , not a single hand got wet during the make of this doc , thats my call

  12. fahadb87 says

    hump head parrot fish not wrase

  13. Redcorvin says

    simple facts humans destroy more then they do any good to this laent. its no wonder its going to hell in a hand basket, why the oceans are poisoned and the enviroment and animals are suffering for the stupidity of humans.

  14. Andre van der Torren says

    bluntnose sixgilled sharks are not swimming around there; it is a grey reef shark..
    algae that are mentioned are actually feather stars(kind of sea stars)…
    the so called freckled manta(??) is doesn't exist, it is a marble stingray… 
    half of the footage about mantas shown here are not mantas but devil rays and eaglerays…
    what a terrible narrative!

  15. Tomm Smith says

    A beautiful thing Mother Earth is. I hope the stingrays always maintain the inability to be domesticated. Why would you tame and break such an elegant beast.

    In Jesus' name you're healed.
    Ask the Holy Spirit into your heart and walk with a Divine, loving Father.

  16. Josh Van Meurs says

    now if they will only stop executing children.. I suggest you look at Maldives laws before bringing your kids there..

  17. southsidesky71 says

    if you google "new atlantis," the poor video quality, poor film-making quality, and shoddy narrative will suddenly make sense in these videos. the films are not made by scientists, but by people with a political agenda.

  18. Christine Walsh says

    temperate water…don't you mean tropical?

  19. Lina Knuth-Winterfeldt says

    24:53… the speckled manta ray… That is not a manta ray.

  20. Lina Knuth-Winterfeldt says

    16:20. Not an algae. It's a crinoid or feather star.  It's an Echinoderm – same group as sea cucumbers, sea stars, sea urchins. But other than that – nice  documentary to watch where you can switch off your brain and just relax.

  21. tybr00ks2 says

    16:20 "Some plant species like this algae have developed a way to move across the coral in search of food"…. So incorrect. What they were looking at was an invertebrate called the sea-lily

  22. islandleisure maldives says

    wonderful Maldives
    +islandleisure maldives 

  23. Travelling Fish says

    bucket list

  24. Donn Andrei Roxas says

    they didnt show the shimmering shores of vaadhoo island. why ?!

  25. ImChriiis says

    @ 25:37 I thought poison was eaten or swallow while venom is injected?

  26. Robert Lonetree says

    In water anyone can fly.

  27. Chetan Bhagat says

    The necklace of SAARC is woven from ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’
    and from beads of islands of the paradise Maldives nation.
    Her Himalayan crown abut Lord Buddha’s birth land of Nepal,
    She’s adorned with gold across ‘Sonar Bangla’ to Bay of Bengal.
    Stretching from utopian kingdom of Druk-the last ‘Shangri la’,
    To the beating heart of Afghanistan, in the chest of Asia;
    Land of blooming lotuses, India, having an ocean in her name!
    and holy citadel of faith, Pakistan, adds laurels to SAARC’s fame.
     When, in unison, a quarter of humankind’s voices shall roar,
    SAARC’s voice shall reverberate, globally, from shore to shore.
    Led by white dove of peace, seeking welfare and cooperation,
    Holding hands of friendship, let’s march onward, all as one.
                                              -SAARC Anthem by Mr. Subhajit Waugh
    [This anthem can be viewed on youtube]

  28. Jonny Hughes says

    mr octopus

  29. tomatodamashi says

    Diving in the Maldives is awesome, but man was it expensive

  30. Nadia Boucharif says

    Vraiment super !

  31. albert grunthest says

    My favorite!

  32. Niko Lalla says


  33. Mohan Krishna says


  34. steelersguy74 says

    footage at 19:19 is from the Atlantic.

  35. Lauren Cohn-Frankel says

    what is the moving plant species in 16:26 that is walking to find food?  It sounds like "alga" or "salga" but that didn't turn up in any searches.  I've never seen anything like that.

  36. chandra sekhar says


  37. Barez_b says

    I am so exited about the underwater world, but i'm soooo afraid of the ocean! It can be dark in there, and u never know what u can encounter… Also; I am SOO afraid of sharks! So So afraid! It just hold me back to go to the ocean! (And it's not because of that movie JAWS) :p One time, I was on vacation, and i was snorkling around in the sea.. I went to the bottem (witch was 3-4 meters and I looked in the distance where it was dark blue, and I imagined that a big shark appeared and was swimming fast towards me witch I could not outswim obv… I jumped back to the surface and went out of the sea for the rest of the time =( Also, I can't close my eyes underwater, cuz I automaticly think when I open my eyes, that I will be suddenly in the ocean, or that a shark will be just before my face… I don't know why I have this fear of the sea and sharks man. I want to win this fear and start diving as A hobby. I don't know how it comes that this fear is so strong but man =( I just wanted to tell this! 😀 (Sorry for my English ppl, hope u still understand it tho)

  38. Mike Davis says

    The vignetting on the wide angle shots can be minimized if you just zoom-in slightly. Other wise I think you have some good shots.

  39. earpoison says

    🙂 Thanx!

  40. Shiyaz VideoMaldives says

    nice shot from my home land.. i was inspired

  41. Sharkdiver2056 says

    Well, ignoring the mispronunciation of "Maldives" I was enjoying this until the narrator got the part where he called bannerfish butterflyfish. I realised this guy just hadn't done his homework. Didn't bother going any farther.

  42. JulianDocumentary says

    The Maldives one of the most wonderfull place in the Indian Ocean!
    Visit my Channel for other wonderfull documentaries.

  43. MrUhwoody says

    Why is that, friend?

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