Top 5 Strangest Places To Dive

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Top 5 Strangest Places to Dive
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Take a trip with us underwater to visit 5 of the strangest places to go diving.

– Mark Newman
– James Hicks
– Shaun Johnson
– Pixabay

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  1. Simply Scuba says

    Check out 10 of the Most Bizarre Places to Dive:

  2. Alex ja boi says

    i live in iceland

  3. Dan Vaught says

    Outstanding video.

  4. Hue Kids TV says

    thanks for sharing the names

  5. TAPP Channel says

    like for that 🙂

  6. rasmus bergman says

    Does anyone think his Jokes are funny?

  7. Simply Scuba says

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  8. The Truthful Bartender says

    If you love scuba diving check this video out! Finding a plane in Utah! Also, monitor as I dive ALL 50 states in the U.S.A! 🙂

  9. ged says

    you should say that Rummu prison is in Estonia, former soviet union country

  10. Robert Mi says

    You cant dive in the green lake anymore. Its shut down for divers, swimming/snorkeling is allowed

  11. rahulzinho says

    Its no longer allowed to use the #2 spot (Green Lake, AT) for any activity. No diving nothing allowed to conserve the loval bio diversity . Sad for divier. Great for Nature.

  12. Goran Blažič says

    unfortunately, I don't think there is any more diving in Gruner See in Austria…
    a shame, because it really is beautiful…

  13. Lost at Sea says

    Sadly, diving in the green lake in Austria is forbidden as of Autumn 2015. :/

  14. Simply Scuba says

    Hi everyone we have just released a Top 5 Extreme Places To Dive video. Check it out

  15. Omzigus says

    "The Tourism department responsible for Grünersee has placed a ban on scuba diving Austria’s Green Lake from 1st January 2016."
    Damn, I'm so angry I didn't know about it in 2015 :/

  16. Hafiz Kenzo says

    That no.5 diving place is amazing..i really want to dive there

  17. MrNicklinux says

    Nuclear silo for Titan 1 in Washington.

  18. Simply Scuba says

    Hi everyone we have a new video out about The Most Amazing Dive Wrecks in the World. Check it out 🙂

  19. Arnar Þór Egilsson says

    Good video. This video is perfect in length and good remarks about those dive places Nice underwater footage also. Of course I know Silfra very well,, awesome.. Other places, they are on my list 🙂

  20. Dan Bowkley says

    there are several abandoned missile silos in the US in which you can dive. Here's one:

  21. Freediver HD says

    Thanks guys! Sorry for the shaky armature yongauni video – was just starting out when I made that vid. If you ever want to do a top 5 wrecks I got plenty.

  22. Novrizal Herdananto says

    all added to the list…

  23. Dylan Ⓥ says

    that park was awesome!! going on the list!

  24. Blacktron says

    I'm definitely going to have to check these places out and add them to my diving bucket list!

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