Apo Reef – Diving in the Philippines 2016

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Scuba Diving video from my trip to the philipines. Apo reef is a large atoll in the middle of the sea between the islands of Coron (busuanga) and Mindoro. It takes about 6 hours and is only accessible from live-aboard dive cruises.

Fantastic Reefs and drop-offs and the most amount of large marine life i saw in one place during the dive trip to the philipines. Large fish and large schools of fish everywhere. Unfortunately Typhoon Yolanda seriously damaged the reef in 2013 and will take hundreds of years to recover fully. But this is a dive site that should not be missed!

Please view my blog for How to get to Apo Reef & more info on this location and to explore others diving locations in the Philippines


Rating: 4.92

  1. CortoMaltese says

    YOu moron or what? Apo reef is a reef not one tiny atoll. Backpackers brain. Your video didnt show anything special about Apo Reeef, great viz and drop offs, you are a retard! Also day trips are possible and available for Apo Reef as well, not only liveaboards as you claim. Idiot.

  2. Hannah Tabayoyong says


  3. baluga agulab says

    wow ! splendid !

  4. jayne freeze says

    Thanks for capturing Gods majestic masterpieces under the sea .Absolutely

  5. Jaye Marjorie Freeze says

    Amazing , Philippines is so underrated country but has an advantage for it's natures ,

  6. Bostjan Pavle says

    Did you use filters underwater? What colour? Red?

  7. Stephen Brown says


  8. Isaac Peters says


  9. Michael Lane says

    Amazing underwater world! How deep is the reef there?

  10. Manzana Naranja says

    I’m a scuba divers also and I’ve been in apo island many times it’s really beautiful and worth it , was on Mike beach resort in Dauin and I also went to Sipalay there’s a lot of frog fish and etc huge

  11. NotSunkYet says

    AT 3:04 Peek-a-boo! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Aji Bang says

    Wow very clear water, amazing school of fish and wonderful reefs. Great video. Subscribe.

  13. Ruby Frances says


  14. Kristine Marie says

    Now I know why God is busy, He’s been busy designing all these sea creatures, their scales and colors, etc., very beautiful, majestic indeed!

  15. CortoMaltese says

    Wrong description. Apo Reef is a few small atolls and a large reef. Its accessible in 2,5 to 3 hours from Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental and not only on live aboard cruises. You blog must suck big time. Especially if its a Pilipino blog.

  16. John Randolph Pamatmat says

    What camera did you use on filming underwater?

  17. rodrigo evangelista says

    awesome video!

  18. diveunda.com Try diving Apo Reef, best of the Coron Wrecks and with Dugongs on our budget style liveaboard.

  19. Sonny Crockett says

    Camera and light set-up please?

  20. Abs00Hero says

    APO REEF holds the title as the largest atol reef in the world!

  21. paki liu says

    i diving in Apo the day before yesterday,but i cant saw much fish in the sea, i think we need to protect the sea , protect the world!

  22. Anne Pangan says

    So beautiful

  23. Poteet Gimenez says

    amazing! cant wait to go this apr 21-23!!!!

  24. yogi yogi says

    which is cheaper live aboard for the money. is it worth the extra for tubba over apo

  25. carivonlee dee says

    verde island in batangas philippines is the center of marine biodiversity in the world

  26. Oliver Rabiej says

    what kind of underwater video equipment did u use ? such a nice bright images
    u made
    i been there too however my video is not as good u have here

  27. somtinsomtindarkside says

    awesome vid.
    what did you use to capture the video? gopro? did you use a red filter or colour adjust post shooting? what frame rate would you have take this at?

    sorry for all the questions.


  28. Pretty Me says

    OMG….so stunning, Philippines is a beautiful place, under water and above.

  29. Norylyn Hashman says


  30. Robert Holdynski says

    Absolutely breathtaking! I'm planning my trip to the Philippines next month and I'd love to dive Apo reef. May I ask what dive operator you used and what's the best way to get to the reef? I don't have a fixed schedule yet, only booked a flight to Puerto Princesa. Will stay in Palawan for 2 weeks.

  31. ROWI Design says

    Great Video!

  32. adrian nieto says

    you must try tubbataha reef only open 3 months a year the best dives by far in the philippines

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