I Found a Megalodon Shark Tooth Underwater in a Shallow Creek! (How to Find Shark Teeth)

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In this video I go shark teeth hunting in a shallow creek located in Florida!
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I Found a Megalodon Shark Tooth Underwater in a Shallow Creek! (How to Find Shark Teeth)

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  1. Foozil says

    Just so all you guys saying that the teeth in the video aren't megalodon teeth because of their size know, they are. Size has nothing to do with their ID. Morphology does. Not every single tooth in their mouths were 8 inches long. If you do some research you'll see that there is a LOT of variability within their teeth.

  2. Rosa Martinez says

    I want a shark tooth necklace but I live in ripon

  3. Diana Radford says

    Yes please

  4. Klyde Royale says

    What if u found a mini gun or a sunken ship or maybe a whole megalodon skeleton

  5. Kim King says

    YES!!! 🙂

  6. Kingston Eldridge says

    Haha I love the way Jake’s wetsuit never leaves his body. It’s like a superhero uniform

  7. Jeff Della Rosa says

    Pls do a store so people can have cool shark tooth =D

  8. Melissa Dansby says

    Open a shark tooth stand

  9. Sophia Rupe says

    You should do this more often

  10. Evelyn Yescas says

    I always wanted to look for shark tooth's to make me a necklace

  11. Torohi says

    where exactly is this I want to go

  12. Jolly green giant Nu says

    Please donate the teeth you find to me ;-;

  13. brody luna says

    12:22 that bitch on the left bottom left made that look of doubt, imma slap a hoe he make that look again

  14. У меня из таких зубов забор на огороде. А забор тот собака перепрыгнуть не может. Так то!!!

  15. Foxy 31 Gamer says

    I want a shark tooth necklace a megaladon neckalace

  16. Dee Hughes says

    I love fossils and I love jewellery and if I got a shark necklace that will mean the world to be

  17. Big Pecker says

    Why are you with jacksepticeye

  18. Nars. Motion says

    I saw a tooth in the sifter thing but he missed it!

  19. CenoA ceno says

    Do these guys have a YouTube channel?

  20. Philippe Morla says

    I wonder where the frog is at

  21. Ollie Hudghton says

    Love you bro your always so positive keep up the good work man

  22. nooby noobs!! says

    That isn't a Megalodon tooth is it?

  23. exotic_ taco says


  24. Anthony Ingalls says

    Megs teeth are as big as you’re head

  25. i feel like tarzan

  26. Otto Wiberg says

    big shaq

  27. lourdis carvalho says

    Is it true that it is a terex leg because it looks like a plank of wood

  28. Daisy Precilla says

    Up next:
    Let us return the teeth to the owner

  29. This is like gold panning

  30. nugget boi says

    Dewgong is the ice type pokemon

  31. stephen Young says

    win the shark tooth

  32. Mihovil Stipan says

    hey its okay that me and my brother get a megalodon tooth necklace and we live in Europe in a small country called Croatia

  33. Matthew Goins says

    hey I would love to have a melodeon shark necklace

  34. Matthew Goins says

    heck yea y'all should open a shark tooth stand

  35. Reecey Quinn says

    That wouldn't have been a megadoses tooth they R much bigger

  36. Toni Garrad says

    Its not a megaldon tooth thats just a normal sharks tooth because of the size . A megaldon tooth is the size of your face

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