I Found a Credit Card While Scuba Diving! (Popular Party Location)

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In this video I scuba dive a popular party spot for river treasure!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I’m a Treasure Hunter, Scuba Diver, Freediver, Spearfsherman, Angler & YouTuber w/ 6,000,000+ Subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations in hunt of urban treasure!

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  1. DALLMYD says

    If we can reach 50,000 likes I'll giveaway some of the sunglasses I find! Leave a comment if you'd like a pair. Subscribe if you're new and help me reach 7 million subscribers before the end of the year!! Help me out, Let's make it happen! Thanks guys <3

  2. Bruna Simoes says

    Coleção de óculos

  3. Hailey Lessard says

    The bone might be a scull neck or back bone

  4. Sarah R Cloud says

    I wonder what he does with the unopened beers. River beer would be a 1 in 1 billion life time opportunity? How many people can say, "I drank a beer I found on a riverbed" ?

  5. Thanh Trúc Nguyễn says

    Aww i wish i could find my bracelet, i lost it in Cheney State Park (lake) , Morton, kansas

  6. Queen gamer Leah says

    Alligator pelvic bone

  7. Envy_hypez 56 says

    Jake: im alone here laughs
    camera floating and moving a bit
    Me: ok then
    Next scene

  8. Thomas Schoewe says

    4:10 the bone looks like an alligator pelvic bone

  9. Austin Jose says

    How many pairs of glasses can you find jeez

  10. Ingbito Me says

    Have you ever tried one of those bottes of beer that you got? I'm really curious how it tastes

  11. Wolfy Bros says

    Lol “it was just a rock”

  12. Soiboi 42069 says

    4:03 pretty sure that was a little bull shark

  13. Life Of GoldAnchor says

    Hello big boy

  14. Life Of GoldAnchor says

    10:10 finds credit card

  15. Donata Lalala says

    * starts diving to collect beer *

  16. BlazzinLove 22 says

    Is it me or, since he doesnt interact with his comments a lot a lot of the comment sections on his videos are boring and no one really interacts

  17. Camilion says

    Buy Vbucks !!

  18. Sophie Patton says


  19. Giatay Pagkasakitdiay says

    Im your big fan from Philipines
    Can i get a heart?

  20. Mallory Sumner says

    3:16 " boop"

  21. Shaun Ratliff says

    Would love to see a video on your gear man. Wanting some info on your dive light!

  22. EvoXXX Bih says

    The glass you are wearing did these come from the river? Lol

  23. Martha Briggs says

    I don’t like going in deep water so I kind of feel on edge. I don’t know why but I still LOVE watching your videos!

  24. wanda jacklin says

    I hate that you dive by your self.i lost a good friend who was diving alone . Be so careful.

  25. TheoryPlays says

    I Found a Credit Card While Scuba Diving! (Still works)

  26. Xx _swifty_xX says

    I want a pare

  27. tebollenbacher says


  28. Namirah Jamal says

    I was at first

  29. A1 Boy says

    9:58 again a penny u forgot to grab

  30. A1 Boy says

    7:55 u forgot to grab the penny

  31. Dee dee says

    I wonder how much pairs of sunglasses he has xD A new pair to wear everyday :3

  32. Emily Behrend says

    That bone was a alligator croch

  33. Cactus Cat says

    Some small animal’s pelvis, clearly.

  34. Undercover Orange says

    didnt he say he was alone? how did he get the full body shot?

  35. RobloxWarriro 717 says

    Buy Minecraft Marketplace Coins with the credit card

  36. bcar says

    Hello bigboy

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