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So finding the best freediving fin or snorkel fins och diving fins is always a hard one. Today we are talking about how to find that ultimate freediving fin for you. Some tips and guidelines on the subject so you more easily will find them. Hope you guys like the video.

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Deepapnea fins

Rating: 4.89

  1. Ruel Somiyaya says

    I used lalum aquamundo plastic fin during spearfishing but now quit to plastic because strong current more heavy to kick and very tired my foot also my fin broken during spearfishing and strong current when i go up the fin broken like 1/2 blade im waiting for new fin its leader fin

  2. James Milner says

    This is bullshit guys. Get the best you can afford. And we all know that if this lad had 1,000,000 in the bank they day he past his driving test, he’d have bought a Ferrari

  3. scottish craig says

    Just bought some leaderfins carbon!!! Tomoro getting there first outing

  4. Victor Ferrera says

    i use cress, but i think i need to change the blade soon….

  5. Laurent Rando says

    Smart explanation. Thanks.

  6. kenneth robison says

    I use cressi plastic free diving is the same ones you're holding in your video. And I owned various other cressi scuba diving fins.

  7. Tony Y says

    How about fibre glass fins (popular with spearos)? Tougher than carbon fibre πŸ˜‰ Beuchat footpockets – good choice Youbuur πŸ™‚

  8. MMA WorldWides says

    I'm using mako pure carbon fin

  9. Ty says

    mine are rubber

  10. Olex.P says

    Omer Stingray

  11. clip rock says

    what is that accent

  12. Robert Liriano says

    Thanks to this great video I found the perfect fins for me. I’m 5’11ft tall, 160 Lbs, with strong legs. So I got a pair of Leaderfins; Carbon fiber, medium softness blades.

  13. Crystal Freediving says

    And if you have a chance – try before you buy πŸ˜‰ if you diving with freediving school, look around if someone has the same fins which you want to buy and I ask to try it!

  14. Robert Gibson says

    Hmm i got good gear from the start, after learning the sport for my spearfishing… I'm glad I don't have to spend more money upgrading… I'm using beachat carbone fins, no regrets πŸ™‚

  15. Jarek Haa says

    Phatos Abbys rules !

  16. Marjorie delos Reyes says

    im a beginner freediver, i do it for fun. I'm using my first aqualung proflex fin πŸ™‚ not so fancy but im comfortable using πŸ™‚

  17. OliviaSea says

    for being an older video, this helped out a lot! Great info!!!

  18. Gu Zu says

    Hi man thanks for this nice video. I wanna know is protruded tip tail -like what C4 Volare has – more efficient than the V-shape cut tip tail and why or why not? cuz I see most bi-fins got the V-shape cut tip instead of the protruded tip. curious. thanks man!

  19. Byron Kay says

    Great advice. Thank you for taking the time to explian this. The fin stiffness usually correlates to the height and weight of a diver. Also, It's nice the have stiff enough footpockets but really if the pocket doesn't fit well then the person should not be using it because it's going to hurt to wear it. I always go for fit first, material second -Byron Kay, Owner, Kona Freedivers

  20. David Phillips says

    85kg 1.85m. Cetma Prana (medium) with Pathos footpockets. Love them

  21. Meddour Wafik says

    hey nice video i've using technopolymère fins ( plastic ) gara 3000 from cressi about 5 years and now i got the GFT alpha with pathos footpocket wich are one of the best on the market

  22. ben freedom says

    I need open heel for cold water

  23. hakim der echte says

    pathos fireblade

  24. Issac Togia says

    What is the best free diving long fins? What's your favorite?

  25. Ghassen diver says

    i use omersub plastic blade

  26. Nasim Bhanji says

    Hey its me again, thanks for the info. just starting with diving and information is always welcome.Β  Did you smack Willy????Keith

  27. Hyeonsik Li says

    Does anyone know why freediving fins are so long/large compared to normal fins.

  28. Luai Ghazali says

    Thanks, good video for beginners. Are you sure this is the best freediving channel on YouTube? πŸ™‚

  29. Emily T says

    "You'll kick for king and country!" XD

  30. Pewdie pie says

    really great message on the car bro

  31. Goh KhengThong says

    Thanks.. before this i am still confuse want to buy Carbon or Plastic.. after your explanation.. i know what should i have !! plastic ! because i am just a beginner… it is very good and helpful.

    thanks you very much. now i had make my mind.. GARA 2000 HF.. πŸ™‚

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