Dive Palau, This is How You Should Do It!

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Do you want to dive Palau? Check out this introduction about diving Palau with Palau Dive Adventures. The healthy coral reefs of Palau are our playground and the Manta Rays and sharks our best buddies. We specialize in 1 week-long (typically beginning Monday and sadly ending on Friday) group diving excursions in the epic waters of Palau and cater to only 8-10 scuba divers at a time.

Note: Videos edited by Palau Dive Adventures with material from Richard Brooks

Rating: 4.87

  1. 3DComputing says

    soft relaxing video and audio from throat slashers. Duh….. American ?

  2. True Horde says

    Kosovo SRBIJA !

  3. 김영진 says

    내가 오픈워털를한곳
    모든게 최고였다

  4. Ctldives Denny says

    Palau Dive Adventures

  5. mundo incrivel says


  6. Taunja Martin says


  7. Ai Doremon says

    Very very beautiful

  8. PALAU488 says

    good movie

  9. Cuttlefish says

    Nice video

  10. Mahi Guide says

    Thanks a lot guys for such great efforts, I really enjoyed it. I am planning to visit Palau by the end of this month mainly for diving. (9 dives in 3 days) I appreciate very much if you kindly can give me a ranking for the dive sites in Palau.

  11. Bacon & Eggs says

    Just beautiful!

  12. Sant Supanitayanon says

    Best Palau footage i ve ever seen!

  13. Ronald Cheng says

    Great video! It makes me really want to go visit Palau in the future.

  14. D Martel says

    Extraordinary video. Palau just went onto my short list of next dive vacations in S.E. Asia.

  15. jambilardi says

    Wow. Im dumbfounded.

  16. Gianfranco Benedetti says


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