BLUE SEA- the Best Diving Film- 60 min Wonderfull Seaworld Relaxing with a amacing Soundtrack

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Blue Sea,the Best Diving Film,enjoy and relaxed with a wonderfull Soundtrack.
Making in Indonesia and Thailand,by a Professionell Diving Team and Filmmakers.
In this Video you become a 1 hour amacing Divefeeling,like you fly in the Blue Sea.
Verry closed Images to The Sealife Animals.
Enjoy and Relaxed.
Thanks for Watching
Music Composing by Ralph Graf

Rating: 4.64

  1. infinity banana playz says

    Underwater is my life the animals are so more nicer then people they are like my family im friend with a turtle named Jack and octopus named James BTW humans are destroying the sea 🙁 with al poisons on fishy's please stop people!!!!!

  2. Naz Mohammed says


  3. aurora1962 says

    Awesome music! What is it?

  4. Paladon Perry says

    Very beautiful and relaxing film, excellent work and thank you for your upload!! regards Peter

  5. Bart Simpson says

    It is just relaxing as it should be best wishes 😀

  6. Jim Molinaro says

    Would of been perfect if not for the constant "breathing" sound from the regulator. 

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